The Lights

I first noticed the light in early June.  It was the gloaming, that period of waning light between sunset and darkness. Around here the gloaming can last up to an hour in June . An hour of enchantment and fairy dust. The light appeared over the canyon between the Paradise valley and Livingston. On the west, the Wineglass. A lump of a mountain named after the v shaped gullies on its north side. On the east, the western most tip of the Absoroka Mountains. A gap created, presumably, by the Yellowstone river whittling away at the rock. Or not.

The light, or lights, were red, green and a pale yellow in the shape of a triangle. It just hovered there in the dusk. It was hard to tell from 25 miles away if it was actually over the canyon, but that’s what it looked like.  I was on the porch of a house provided for employees of the guest ranch I had been hired on to as a sous chef. It was a dream come true. Although I later found out I had some help being hired provided by my sister, I was still looking down one of the most beautiful mountain valleys I had ever seen, or will ever see. Continue reading “The Lights”

Voluntarism, Love and Ultimatums

Voluntarism is the philosophy of voluntary interaction. It really needs no definition. The word says it all. Of course, there are exceptions to voluntarism. One that comes to mind is when someone violates the rights of someone else. In that case, remedy may be enforced.

Voluntarism recognizes that we are all different. We have different goals, different expectations, different preferences, to name a few. It requires that we accept these differences and either choose to associate or not.

An ultimatum is a demand on another that breaches voluntary associations. It requires the other to bend to our will. Ultimatums are proper in a contractual setting. As an employer demanding an employee show up on time or risk termination. But when an ultimatum is issued to a family member or loved one, the person making the demand will loose every time.

Love is acceptance and forgiveness. If we can not accept something about another it is usually about past transgressions by another or it may simply be that we can not condone a certain behavior or lifestyle. In either case we must ask ourselves, “Do I love this person enough to accept that which I do not like and cannot change?” It is never the other person that must make a choice, it is always us. In fact, we put ourselves in the unenviable position of making painful choices all because we cannot accept and forgive.

If we cannot accept and forgive then there is no love. Of course, the exception to this is when another harms us. It is then a breach of voluntary association on the part of the other and remedy is in order.

Voluntarism and ultimatums cannot co-exist. They are mutually exclusive.

We see ultimatums being issued right and left these days and seldom do we see people making an effort to accept differences between themselves and others. This can only lead to conflict. And conflict can escalate into war. We have only one avenue to peace. And that is voluntarism. Acceptance and forgiveness. Can you think of another way that insures peace without violence, intimidation and fear? I can’t.


Why I Do It

To the two or three readers of this blog my rantings must seem obsessive to the point of redundancy. I stand guilty as charged. It’s not that there is nothing else to write about. There is. Lots of stuff. But, from my perspective there is nothing else as pressing as the changes we are all going through whether we know it or not. We have been given a choice, an historical choice, between freedom and bondage. Maybe you don’t see that. Maybe the world seems a bit confusing but basically unchanged. Continue reading “Why I Do It”


The BS is flying. It is being flung around like candy at a parade. What are we to make of this charge by the dinosaur media of fake news. Any time I hear a term like “fake news” being bandied about as much as it is, I’m pretty sure it’s propaganda. Fake news this, fake news that. Tell a lie often enough…. Can’t anyone see what is going on here? It’s an old school boy trick. Muddy the waters with accusations of misdeeds to distract from the truth. Only, who knows what the truth is these days? It works! Continue reading “Deception”

Debunking The Great Myth

For some reason Homo Sapiens seem to need authority. We clamor for it and make up all sorts of wild justifications for it. Without some one in charge we would all be savages! There would be chaos! Anarchy! Oh my! That is not always the case. The early colonists of Pennsylvania rejected attempts to establish a government for nearly 4 years. Read all about it here

Continue reading “Debunking The Great Myth”