Earth is Hell

Since no one is reading this silly blog, I’ll just say it. Earth IS Hell. Most of the world is suffering horrendous abuse at the hands of those that call themselves “leaders.” We here in America seem to think it’s ok for other men to rule us because we voted for them. We have been convinced that without these clowns in power there would be complete chaos. We actually believe that! Continue reading “Earth is Hell”

The Law of “Things”

I’ve been going on about how we have all been turned into “things” in the eyes of the law. That it is these “things” that are “charged” with whatever statutory violation, and we are presumed to have pledged ourselves as surety for these “things.” That’s why we go to jail or pay the fine instead of these “things.” Things can’t go to jail or pay fines. They need us, flesh and blood Men and Women to assume the responsibility for the actions and debts of these “things.” Continue reading “The Law of “Things””