How You Got Tangled Up In Commerce

It’s been said that everything is commerce.

But what if I don’t want to operate in commerce with all its rules, regulations, codes, statutes and attendant duties and obligations?

What is commerce anyway? I think it’s safe to say that it is buying and selling between legal entities. What exactly does that mean? I’ll use a Rob Menard example. Say, for example, you live in village and this village, among other things, has people who grow wheat, a baker or two,  and the townsfolk who buy the bread produced by the baker. The farmer grows the wheat and in turn sells it to the baker who adds value to the wheat by turning it into bread and in turn sells it to the townsfolk who make sandwiches and toast and such. This is trade. Continue reading “How You Got Tangled Up In Commerce”

Change, Change, Change

Me thinks a change is coming. Mankind is under attack all across the globe. The same force that brought us countless Kings and Queens and presidents and despots and dictators and bureaucrats and administrators and lawyers and judges and prosecutors and all manner of minions sent to fine, fee, tax, hound, hurt, kill and maim us and all other forms of wretched cretins that seek to rule us is now pulling out all the stops. It’s all or nothing now and, sadly, only a few are aware of the struggle. Continue reading “Change, Change, Change”