A Nation of Children

As I look back at the Red Pill Expo I lament that I did not take advantage of the opportunity to talk to more people there. I’m not a social bumblebee, buzzing from one flower to the next, neither am I the brooding wallflower, content to passively observe the parade of life passing by my little spot on the wall.

I did talk with a few folks of like mind. But the conversation that sticks out for me was with a man who had recently moved to Montana or Idaho or somewhere, from California. The conversation evolved to my explanation of the true intent and purpose of the Motor Vehicle codes in the states. I explained that in order to understand the statutes you are reading it is necessary to find out how the words in the statutes are being used. For that, one only need look at the definitions section to find out what the legislators mean when they use certain words. For example, in legalese, the language this defining of terms creates, the term, “person” means, in the Montana vehicle code, (53) “Person” means an individual, corporation, partnership, association, firm, or other legal entity. Those proficient in legalese know the word “individual” means “person.” This definition is widely used in statutory law and is understood. But even if you don’t know that, the phrase “or other legal entity” should be enough to tip you off that the word individual means some kind of legal entity. So, a “person” is a legal entity, not a man. So when we see:  It is unlawful and, unless otherwise declared in this chapter with respect to particular offenses, it is a misdemeanor punishable as provided in 61-8-711 for any person to do any act forbidden or fail to perform any act required in this chapter, we understand that it is a “person” that must comply with the provisions of “this chapter.” The law is very precise. When you see the word “person” in the vehicle code it means a legal entity and nothing else.

As I was explaining this, I could see that this man was quite upset with what he was hearing. When the implications of what I was saying became apparent to him he could contain himself no longer. “Are you telling me the traffic laws don’t apply to you?!! Do you know how many idiots there are out there? What if everyone made that claim?”  “Why, the roads would be a death trap, are you insane?” I explained that I was not making any claim, that I was just repeating what the statutes said. Instead of trying to understand why the statutes say what they say; instead of trying to grasp why the founders demanded limited government and what that actually means for we the people, he insisted on accusing me of “taking the law into my own hands.” I explained government only has power over that which it creates. Legal entities are a creation of government and they have power to control them. I told him the reason motor vehicle codes were there in the first place is because the people saw that business was using the public roadways for profit and because they often used heavy trucks to transport “property” and “passengers” ( both mean commercial activity) the roads were taking a beating and it was demanded by the people that those businesses contribute to the upkeep of those roads.

All of this was completely over his head. All he could do was worry about how this would affect his safety. He was convinced all manner of chaos would ensue were this widely known. He wasn’t the least bit concerned that government has been lying to him all this time. He didn’t seem to care that by buying into the fairy tales told by government that people are irresponsible and incapable of responsible action, he was condoning government taking power we never gave it and using that power to extort the fruits of our labor. None of that mattered to him. And this at an event that was dedicated to restoring freedom in this country!!!

The conversation with this man reinforced my contention that we have all been trained like dogs to accept things that are just not true. That we may not be worthy of true freedom, at least not modern Man. We have been fed a pack of lies by men whose only end is power. The founding documents of this country were too restrictive, they reasoned, to effectively govern the boobs, rubes, idiots and children they thought we all were or are. So they concocted a parallel system that gave them the power they thought should be theirs, the power to control every aspect of human behavior. It is a system very much like what one encounters in the corporate world. In fact, it is a corporate system where everything is tracked and traced and labeled and inventoried and controlled from start to finish in order to increase the bottom line. These people in control of things do not like that freedom is messy. To them, the natural order, the laws of God, are chaotic and unpredictable. That is simply unacceptable to them. It frightens them. And, they have no control over what God has created. I think that is the most galling aspect of creation for them.

So, they created a population of children. A people who are childlike; a people who run to daddy government for their every need; a people who expect daddy to punish the kid down the street for riding his bike without a helmet. “I have to wear one, why shouldn’t he? wawawawawa!” Instead of taking it up with the kid down the street and trying to convince him that wearing a helmet is in his own interest, they sic daddy on him. This childlike behavior is evident in a story I read about some people in Austin who are concerned about developers cutting down old trees in town to make way for some project. The liberals accused the conservative state government of allowing businesses to run rampant when the state government moved to limit what powers the cities have to infringe on private property. “It’s our community, we should have a say in these things!! wawawawa.” And they are right. But how did they choose to resolve the problem? They went straight to daddy government. City politicians are notorious for passing ordinances that restrict, impose upon and otherwise trash property rights. They do this without any foresight into what damage or loss of rights these “laws” may cause. By restricting what businesses may or may not do with regard to their property they are restricting what they themselves may or may not do with their property because they don’t understand who these laws apply to. Because of this ignorance, everyone suffers, simply by custom.

The problem could have been approached in a different manner by simply gathering up enough people who didn’t want the trees cut down and meeting with the developers. Businesses are very receptive to public opinion and if enough people express dissatisfaction with the decisions they are making they are, more often than not, likely to resolve the issue in favor of public opinion. After all, the public are their customers. This is how adults resolve conflicts, children run to daddy.

We have programmed to run to daddy. We have been programmed to not take responsibility for ourselves. It has been my observation that people take responsibility when they are given responsibility. When they are told someone else will take care of it for them, they shun responsibility. It’s simple, really.

We live in a time and a nation of children who may not be able to live in freedom. That is the problem those of us who do want to be truly free face. You can’t have freedom for some and daddyism for others because the children will insist that “those other people” obey the same laws that they allow to be imposed upon them. Sooner or later, the two will come to conflict. That is where we are now. Generally speaking, liberals and conservatives both condone daddy government and those who don’t are demonized, criticized, ostracized, locked up, silenced, insulted and sent to the back of the bus. We see this primarily on the left right now, but just wait, if the truth about the nature of what passes for government becomes widely known, the conservatives will howl just as loudly.

Like the man at the expo, we fear the responsibility that comes with freedom. We fear our fellow man. We do not trust each other to do the right thing. We do not think others are capable of acting responsibly. We can’t imagine the kind of truly limited government our founders envisioned. We have been convinced that a complex society can not function without the heavy hand of government to keep the crazies in line. We have been taught to be infants incapable of governing ourselves, in need of daddy and mommy to provide for us. This is exactly what the elites want, a nation, a world, of children. Is that what you want?




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