Ray Greninger is a guy living in Montana. A big chunk of his life was spent as a professional musician making a third of a living. Tired of being broke he started a lawn care business which has kept the wolf at the door at bay. He has studied the machinations of the power structure in the world and come to the conclusion we have all been hoodwinked into believing that some people are more qualified to run our lives than we. He believes this must stop. By promoting self sufficiency and awareness of our political standing as American Nationals, not US citizens, as people not persons, as flesh and blood and not fictions, he believes we can overcome those whose only wish is to dominate us. By creating our own societies and making decisions for our selves instead of relying on those in power he believes Mankind can alter what appears to be a bleak future. By following God’s law, the Golden Rule and taking back our power as beings created in the image of God we can, as a species, throw off our shackles and once again live as we were meant to. IN PEACE.