An Evil System

Among the Patriot and Truth movements a common meme has emerged. Audit the Fed and abolish the IRS. Largely made popular by Ron Paul and his Campaign for Liberty these sentiments are not new. They have been around since the Thirties when these “institutions” were conceived. Although these sentiments are all well and good, they represent a desire to eliminate the effect of a more insidious and hidden cause.

In recent years a new meme has emerged that addresses the cause. After years of research by folks whose names were never widely known, names like “The informer,” a pen name for someone whose real name I still have not uncovered, James Montgomery, Thomas Clark Nelson, LB Bork, The Family Guardian website and countless others, the real cause for our enslavement has been unearthed. Today, folks like Anna Von Rietz, Robb Ryder, Batman, Frank O’Collins, the folks at Sovereignty international and, to name just a few have taken the meme even further.

What exactly is this thing? It is the total domination of man using what can only be called the Babylonian system of pledges. It is ancient and it is completely evil. It is the construction of a paper world overlaid onto the world of men who have, in the minds of those behind it, consented to being the surety, or the one responsible, for the debts created by the world of paper to finance the elaborate spending of governments and bankers seeking more and more ways to make Men and Women dependent upon them. All the social programs modern “liberals” and conservatives alike demand from government to address what they see as insurmountable without government interference must be financed somehow. As Mandell House, Woodrow Wilson’s right hand man was alleged to have have said; “After all, this is the only logical way to fund government, by floating liens and debt to the registrants in the form of benefits and privileges. This will inevitably reap to us huge profits beyond our wildest expectations and leave every American a contributor to this fraud which we will call “Social Insurance.”

What all this means is that these guys have pledged the labor of flesh and blood Men and Women to back the paper debts and phony money of this system without telling you a thing about it. In other words, your labor, or more specifically, your signature, creates what we use as money: the Federal Reserve Note, a debt instrument. The creation of money in this system is complicated involving the Federal Reserve, the “Treasury,” bonds and stuff but it is ultimately your labor and property that has been put up as collateral for it all. My property? you ask? Well, according to them you have no property as they have claimed all property rests with the State. That is why you are listed as “Tenant” on your deed. It is a false claim. It comes, believe it or not from the false claim that the Pope is the Vicar of Christ and that ownership of the world has been given to him. You may find that preposterous, but these are not my words. See

So, how has all of this been implemented, you ask? Well, in this country it was the creation of the Federal Reserve. A monetary system that replaced gold and silver. Since this new monetary system was based on the creation of a private scrip using debt instruments and paper receipts, basically the currency used in international trade, a way to drag Men and Women from the land jurisdiction to that of the sea, or commerce, had to be erected.

Several different kinds of law have been recognized for eons by Men. There is common law, or the law of the land, based on the customs and practices of men dealing with men. Law Merchant, the laws of commerce based on the code of Hammurabi. Admiralty, which is military law at sea, equity, the law of fairness, and the law of the air, or  ecclesiastical law which is basically just the internal law of the Catholic church, based on Roman law. Then there is what has been called Natural law, or the law of God, based on the Ten Commandments. All of these forms of law have different jurisdictions and apply only to those engaged in the activities over which they apply. For example, when one is the captain of ship transporting goods over international waters one is under the jurisdiction of the law Merchant governing commerce which is international trade. If you are not engaged in commerce you are not subject to the law merchant. All of these forms of law, save natural law, are creations of men to govern the various dealings men have with other men. They have their uses. But Man has corrupted them to gain control of other Men.

Sometime in the Fifties Equity was merged with Admiralty to create what is now called Statutory law replacing common law in the courts. From reviews of “Fruit from a Poisonous Tree,” by Mel Stamper : “In 1954 I began my legal practice as an assistant district attorney in the city of Miami. We switched from common law pleading to statutory pleading and no one asked the question, Why? Now I know the answer to the unasked question, and it depresses me to no end.”~ Ralph G. Mitchell, JD, Attorney at Law, St. Augustine, Florida

Why is this important? Well, admiralty deals with international contract between fictions, that is legal entities, and equity addresses unjust enrichment and other stuff and compels performance as per contract. The merging of the two produced Statutory law which is no law at all except for what some legislative body decrees. It is based on contracts between legal fictions and compels penalties in the form of fines and so forth. It is not binding upon Men who have not contracted with government. But there is the rub. Government claims we have contracted with it when we apply for licenses, permits, subsidies, social Security and countless other benefits it provides. It lies to us and tells us these things are mandatory. It misleads us into thinking we must contract with government or face the prospect of not being able to get a job or use the public roads for our private use. This is how they put Men and Women under the jurisdiction of the sea.

But it is not we who have contracted with government because Men cannot contract with a fiction. Men can only enter into a contract with other Men and fictions (persons) can only contract with other fictions (persons). So how did they ensnare us into their evil game? They created, at your birth, a legal fiction that looks just like your given name. They told your poor mother she had to apply for a birth certificate, not telling her she was signing away your name to a fiction called government. They created what is now commonly called “your legal name.” Except that it is not yours and it is not lawful. It is an instrument you can use to interface with this unlawful money system. Yet they tell you you must pledge your labor as surety for this thing in order to do so. Once paired with a SS number it becomes an account you can use to “offset debt” created by the use of a private currency used by a corporate government that is in constant bankruptcy. This happened in 1933 when the UNITED STATES INC. declared bankruptcy when it borrowed money from the international banks to finance WW1, among other things. Government declared ownership of all property to appease the banksters who were demanding collateral for the bankruptcy. It’s all quite complicated and I suggest you consult the above sources for more info.

The long and short of it is all “crimes” are commercial. Even murder. And the only way they can acquire the money, or labor (prison) time for their fines and fees and such is to make you believe you are the legal NAME. Or more precisely, that you have pledged yourself as surety for the legal NAME. They simply cannot deal with a Man, made in God’s image. They MUST have your labor to float this thing. They had to find a way to convert you to a thing, which is all they can deal with. That’s how they did it and that’s why it is so important that you understand this deception so that Man can finally free himself from this system of bondage and fake money. It is the Babylonian Banking system and it is a scourge on Mankind and it must be ended now!

Everyone is fixated on the current election not realizing that who they elected is the CEO of the UNITED STATES Inc. We do not understand that this is not the organic government create by the constitution but a corporate imposter. It’s business model is to steal from you. It is to make you dependent and to convince you to call for more “social programs” to address problems that wouldn’t exist if not for government. Its method is “problem, reaction, solution.” Create a problem, let people freak out about it until they demand a solution and then offer a solution: more government power. Ultimately, the bankers own governments so the power accrues to the bankers. It’s a scam, folks, and it’s high time you got hip to it because it WILL destroy you if allowed to progress to all out world government. That is the goal of this model, world domination. Laugh if you want, but the joke’s on you.




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