How You Got Tangled Up In Commerce

It’s been said that everything is commerce.

But what if I don’t want to operate in commerce with all its rules, regulations, codes, statutes and attendant duties and obligations?

What is commerce anyway? I think it’s safe to say that it is buying and selling between legal entities. What exactly does that mean? I’ll use a Rob Menard example. Say, for example, you live in village and this village, among other things, has people who grow wheat, a baker or two,  and the townsfolk who buy the bread produced by the baker. The farmer grows the wheat and in turn sells it to the baker who adds value to the wheat by turning it into bread and in turn sells it to the townsfolk who make sandwiches and toast and such. This is trade. Continue reading “How You Got Tangled Up In Commerce”

Change, Change, Change

Me thinks a change is coming. Mankind is under attack all across the globe. The same force that brought us countless Kings and Queens and presidents and despots and dictators and bureaucrats and administrators and lawyers and judges and prosecutors and all manner of minions sent to fine, fee, tax, hound, hurt, kill and maim us and all other forms of wretched cretins that seek to rule us is now pulling out all the stops. It’s all or nothing now and, sadly, only a few are aware of the struggle. Continue reading “Change, Change, Change”

Why Do We Seek Power

I haven’t written anything for this blog in some time.  Maybe it’s laziness, maybe it’s frustration. Not sure.

If I wanted to write for the sake of writing, I could have posted recipes. I have a few.

No, I think I have hit a wall. It’s a wall that is higher than I am able to scale. I guess you could say it’s the wall of reality. It’s the reality that has been reality since we, members of the race Mankind, have been on this planet. The truth is, we can be kind and wonderful critters, and most of us are. But at the same time we are delusional, misinformed, confused and Hell bent on domination of our fellows. Well, some of us are. I might even go as far as to say, most of us are, whether we know it or not. Continue reading “Why Do We Seek Power”

Earth is Hell

Since no one is reading this silly blog, I’ll just say it. Earth IS Hell. Most of the world is suffering horrendous abuse at the hands of those that call themselves “leaders.” We here in America seem to think it’s ok for other men to rule us because we voted for them. We have been convinced that without these clowns in power there would be complete chaos. We actually believe that! Continue reading “Earth is Hell”

The Law of “Things”

I’ve been going on about how we have all been turned into “things” in the eyes of the law. That it is these “things” that are “charged” with whatever statutory violation, and we are presumed to have pledged ourselves as surety for these “things.” That’s why we go to jail or pay the fine instead of these “things.” Things can’t go to jail or pay fines. They need us, flesh and blood Men and Women to assume the responsibility for the actions and debts of these “things.” Continue reading “The Law of “Things””

What a Mess

After a six week battle with pneumonia, I’m finally crawling out of the hole it puts you in.

Oh my, what a mess we’re in.

Las Vegas.  I have my suspicions. Those aside, I have noticed that the story told by the various “officials” was pounced on by pundits, commentators, gun experts, military types, ex CIA guys and especially Youtubers. I find this encouraging. The usual suspects are have been called into question again. Only this time it seems the howls are louder than usual.

I marvel at the time it takes for the average Joe to catch on. Human nature, I suppose. It is, and has been, clear to me that there is an agenda afoot. This event was obviously designed to create division. I don’t know what really happened in Las Vegas and neither does anyone not directly involved. We may never know the truth about it. But what we can know is what it has done to America. It has driven us even farther apart. On the left is the usual weeping and gnashing of teeth over those evil guns. On the right, well I guess those folks have finally acquiesced to the howls and protestations of the gun controllers. Maybe this gun thing is out of control, they concede.

What’s out of control is not this gun thing, it’s the efforts of the owners to turn Americans against what most of us perceive as a God given right. That is what is out of control.

What’s out of control is the lengths to which those who would be King will go to push their agenda. No body count is too high. No moral boundary is too sacred. No lie is too preposterous if it serves the goal of disarming America.

They’ve tried and failed so many times you’d think they’d have the sense to give up on it and find another way to gain full control of this union of states.

In my opinion, they have accomplished their goal. They have created a nation of bleeping, blurping, phone entranced zombie-sheep wholly incapable if independent thought. What else could you ask for? The few who see what’s going on marvel at the inability of the majority to grasp the severity of the situation. We are under attack, but it’s not those pesky Ruskies, it’s elements inside our own “government” intent on reversing what the united State of America is and stands for. They want what can only be described as world wide communism controlled by corporations. A top down system of control of everything and everyone. A dystopian paradise of rancid feudalism, just like the good ole days when knights were bold and the sheep were scared shitless.

The good news is, we’re slowly catching on. Even if the vast majority remains groggy and unable to wipe the sleep from their eyes, some are beginning to question this reality that has been served up to them like so much slop in the trough. They are beginning to question an insane world. It’s so upside down, so distorted, so twisted that even the most staunch believer is beginning have doubts.

Maybe the tactics of division will turn against these clowns and instead create unity. Maybe enough will see through the cloud of smoke and mirrors with enough clarity to catch them at their rouse. Maybe, just maybe, their gambit is beginning to show cracks in the finish. One can only hope.


Smoke, Everywhere Smoke

I’ll make this short. I am slowly recovering from a respiratory infection caused, in part, from all the smoke here in the Northwest. Nary a word about what looks like a biblical event on the MSM. Montana is literally burning up. The Rockies are  on fire from the north to the south in Montana. Officially there are 26 fires burning in Montana. Many in the thousands of acres of incinerated forests. The smoke is everywhere. You can’t get away from it.

The news is covering the hurricanes in the South. That’s all fine and dandy, they should be. But, how is it an event as wide spread and devastating as these fires is all but being ignored? I scratch my little pin head.

Where I live we are surrounded by fire. Fires to the North, fires to the South, fires to the East, fires to the West, a whole gob of fires to the West. We wake each day to muted sunlight. In the morning and evenings the light is orange/red. During the day it is a yellowish hue. If you spend more than a few minutes outside headaches and a feeling of malaise are sure to follow. You can feel the ash on your skin. The ash and soot settle on everything in a thin layer that smudges when you run your finger over it. You can see remnants of pine needles on the car paint.

People are coughing and hacking and feeling miserable and there is no end in sight. Rain is scarce as a 15 year old virgin.

If you are somewhere where the smoke isn’t, or somewhere where a hurricane isn’t, then thank your lucky stars. Just keep in mind there are millions of people suffering right now and they deserve your thoughts and prayers. If there is anyone who does a good rain dance out there, please, get to dancin’. You will have our silent blessing.

Summer in Montana

As the summer draws to a close many of us here in Montana are hoping for an end to what has been a very dry few months. There has been no significant rain here since the end of June. July was HOT. Relentlessly hot. August has been clouded in smoke from wildfires all around. Folks in Missoula have been choking in smoke from four fires near by. To the east, where I live, the smoke has drifted into the valleys and hangs in the air like a fart in the elevator. Life here is a daily struggle with watery eyes, sneezing, coughing and your run of the mill discomfort of living down wind of a giant campfire.

As with all things Montana, this will last until you think you are going to pop. And then, like the flip of switch, it will stop. I think I am about to pop.

Many of my friends in other places wonder why I put up with it all. All I can say is it’s home. It’s the place I should have been born, but wasn’t. No fault of my own. I’m just glad I found it, even if it was a bit late. Better late than never, eh?