Change, Change, Change

Me thinks a change is coming. Mankind is under attack all across the globe. The same force that brought us countless Kings and Queens and presidents and despots and dictators and bureaucrats and administrators and lawyers and judges and prosecutors and all manner of minions sent to fine, fee, tax, hound, hurt, kill and maim us and all other forms of wretched cretins that seek to rule us is now pulling out all the stops. It’s all or nothing now and, sadly, only a few are aware of the struggle.


How many Americans or Europeans are aware of the agenda behind the recent push by their leaders to bring as many immigrants as possible in as short a time as possible in to their countries? To someone in the clouds looking down on all of this it appears to be an invasion. And that is just what it is.

The ignorant and befuddled masses applaud this new development as something natural and good. Diversity makes us stronger, the pundits bellow from their perches atop the dying mainstream media roost. And the children of privilege nod their empty heads and yell and scream in agreement.

To be truthful, diversity is a wonderful thing, it makes the world interesting and colorful, so long as it remains diverse. Like paint it can make a dull world come alive. But that is not what is being done. The paint colors are being poured into the same pot and stirred until all that remains is a murky brown, a color best suited to the underside of an outhouse.

The force has always had a dim view of the darker races. They see them as easy to control. They see them as a teaming mass of ignorance and superstition, impervious to reason and self control. To the extent that they are right about that is exactly the extent to which they have contributed to that unfortunate circumstance. They have purposely imposed poverty and illiteracy and ignorance upon the people they view as inferior and they have gotten just what they asked for: a volatile and easily propagandized population of collectivist solders of fortune set loose upon the nations they have been told are responsible for their misery. What could possibly go wrong?

I wonder if the clowns at the top of the heap understand what they have unleashed?



With the exception of a few rogue nations, the goofballs in charge (GBIC) have seized the monetary systems of the entire world. They have imposed a system of nothingness. It is a system whereby “money” can be snatched out of the clear blue sky and turned into something of value. Except it has no value. Its value comes from smoke and mirrors and the acceptance of people who have been told it has the “full faith and credit” of….. Except it doesn’t. It’s just, well, nothing.  And it is destroying everything of real value in the world.


Lawful is natural law, God’s law. Do no harm. The golden rule.

Legal is something quite different. It is the world of “things.” Legal things like corporations and NAMES and persons and financial instruments of all color and sizes. It is the world of illusion. It is the world of law merchant, admiralty and  statutory law. It is a world designed to enslave Mankind. It magically transports us from the tangible, that which we can stub our toe on, to the world of misty concepts and amorphous legal entities that can be shaped and manipulated to suit the whims and desires of the GBIC. They can turn a Man into a person and charge the person with all sorts of infractions that can be turned into money for the GBIC. They can fine, fee, tax and imprison flesh and blood Men and Women by simply convincing us that we are surety, agents of or otherwise responsible for the sins of these legal “things.” And we accept this as good and natural.


We have been dumbed down to the level of slugs.


We have been lied to. ‘Nuff said.


The only way to solve problems is through force. That is what we have been told and that is what we believe.

We are forced to pay billions upon billions to the military industrial complex to maintain a force of destruction. The military destroys.  Force  solves nothing. It generally makes things worse. Remember that next time you disagree with someone.


In the early twentieth century the Rockefeller crew needed to sell more oil.  They discovered that “medicines” could be concocted from it. They set about to elevate a little known school of medicine called Allopathy to new prominence. They conspired to take control of all the different schools of medicine known and discredit them until those disciplines were considered little more than vodoo.

Allopathic medicine is the school of thought that regards the body as a mechanism. The body is seen as a machine that can be repaired with the right additive, much like adding STP to the gas tank. For trauma it is brilliant. For everything else it is little more than hocus pocus. But it sells drugs to the tune of 1 trillion worldwide in 2014! We have been convinced that we are unhealthy because we are not taking enough drugs!

I guess nutritionally void food, polluted water, air and soil, wifi, vaccines (please look this one up) stress and man made pathogens  have nothing to do with our present state of ill health.


It can be used for good or ill. We have to decide which.

But it is not our master. Remember that.

There is technology we aren’t being told about. Technology that will upset the entire apple cart. The GBIC understand this and are in a panic that someone will spill the beans. Let’s hope someone does.



But wait! There’s more! Now we are being told that we are nothing more than a grand experiment conducted by the aliens and it is really they who are in charge. Hold onto your hats, it’s about to get interesting.

We are being hit from all sides. No wonder we’re going a little nuts. Everything is falling apart and that state cannot be maintained for long. Something is about to snap.

I’m afraid for the vast majority of people on this planet what’s about to happen will come as a complete surprise. But normalcy bias is a force to be reckoned with, like gravity. It requires a certain kind of wing to overcome. A wing large enough and flexible enough to carry us above the fray. That wing is knowledge. It is everywhere but in short supply to most. It is like zero point energy, it is all over the place, but we don’t like the ON button of that machine because it can be painful. It requires that we let go of things that we were told were true and embrace concepts that seem strange and uncomfortable. It requires exploration and discernment. It requires effort. The snowflakes groan at the thought of it.

We all do.

It’s hard.

But without it, we will be washed away by what’s around that bend up ahead.

In the end, it is about choosing good over evil. That’s it, really. But we have to able to to tell the difference through all the smoke and mirrors being put in our path.

Once we have made the right choice, the GBIC will be forced to give up their grip on the world. There are signs that this is what is happening.

It could go either way. One way or another, a change is coming. You can be caught off guard or you can be prepared.

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