Mankind is at a crossroads. The choices we make now will effect our descendants for generations to come. If we make the wrong choices we will insure our demise as a species. If we choose what we have chosen in the past only an Atlantian event will wash away the rot.

The choice we face is between centralized, authoritarian feudalism and individual freedom. Recent events have pointed to a mindset of collectivism, centralization of power and using government to force a certain way of looking at the world upon those who want none of it. Elements on both sides of the aisle seem to be defending an outdated system of social organization. It is top down, hero worshiping, or hatred of said hero, but always defending the ridiculous idea that some people ought to be better than others. That these people are uniquely qualified to rule others. That we ought to have rulers. That this is the only way to organize society. Both left and right are defending this nonsense. They are holding on to an ideology that is causing great harm. Mostly, because they are profiting from it.

The environmental movement, the feminist movement, the lgbteinvd;ej2x2=5 on and on movements are all playing into what the owners want. They want division. They want to be able to keep on polluting undisturbed.  They have misdirected concern for the environment to blaming Joe six pack for his polluting ways. Yet it is not said Joe who is spilling oil into the ocean, or radioactive waste into the ocean, or chemicals into the sky, or plastic into the earth, or countless other infractions. It is not Joe six pack who is withholding free energy technologies from the public. It is the owners. The people who have taken control of nearly everything we recognize as the modern world. They own government, banking and money, corporations, media,  medicine, transportation,  housing, religion, they even claim ownership of the world’s land. They want to keep fleecing us without our knowledge.

Why are people beating up people for supporting a candidate they don’t like when both candidates represent the ruling class? Trump maybe less so but it’s quite clear the owners are trying to get Trump under their wing. Don’t these Trump haters understand that HRC is a globalist? She wants you under her thumb. That these people who seek power are just that, people who seek power? They want to dominate you. They want you as slave labor. This is certainly nothing new. This has been the paradigm of humanity for ages.

The lies and deceit coming from the media these days have people so confused they don’t know which end is up. They have received an education that can only be described as fraudulent. They have been indoctrinated to the lies of the owners. They actually believe that these parasites can make their lives better. We, as a species, have chosen subjugation to others as an acceptable social construct. Without government, we cry, who will build the roads? Who will keep others in line? What about the poor people, as if those asking that question actually care about the poor. What about this, what about that? We have lost faith in ourselves to solve problems and given it to a bunch of sociopathic liars and power seekers.

If we choose that same old shit, if we choose to subjegate ourselves to others, if we choose to allow this thing we created called government to dominate our lives, to tax us, to license us, to fine and fee us into poverty we choose death. Because people in power only seek more power even if it means destroying the very things that they claim power over. They will stop at nothing and we simply can not see that. Why do we persist in this delusion?

We must choose localism, we must choose the individual over the Borg. We must try to become more self sufficient, more giving, more involved in the world instead of sticking our heads into a smart phone. Talk to your neighbors, grow a garden, fix the things you can yourself. Live your life, not what others think your life should be. Come to understand that no one has a right to tell you what you can or can not do. Do no harm, Do no harm, Do no harm.

The Deep State, the powers that be, the owners, what ever you choose to call them are rearing their ugly heads now and making their move. They have shown their true nature and we must reject them. Send them into oblivion. We must choose true freedom as opposed to mere liberty. Cows are at liberty to move within the confines of the fence. We must choose to cut the fence and become truly free and not just at liberty.

It’s our choice and I hope we choose wisely.


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