Debunking The Great Myth

For some reason Homo Sapiens seem to need authority. We clamor for it and make up all sorts of wild justifications for it. Without some one in charge we would all be savages! There would be chaos! Anarchy! Oh my! That is not always the case. The early colonists of Pennsylvania rejected attempts to establish a government for nearly 4 years. Read all about it here

There was no anarchy and no chaos. Just people going about their business with little or no interference from government. Pennsylvania was nearly tax free yet people somehow managed to get from one place to another without government financed roads. They simply built what they needed and got on with it.

Where did this notion that we absolutely need government come from? I suspect it comes from government. Or more to the point, those who insist the common man is incapable of governing himself. In short, the elite, the “High contracting powers,” the movers and shakers, the parasites. Penn repeatedly tried to include the colonists in his attempts to establish some form of government but the Pennsylvanians, bless their pea pickin’ hearts, simply failed to show up.

This “we need government” idea must be rethunk. Yes, government relieves us of certain mundane public chores such as getting potholes fixed and as a central data point for recording certain events. And as an arbitrator of disputes among men. But these certainly can be handled by third parties under contract to the people. It’s not rocket surgery.

There is a small group of men and women who honestly believe that greatness, their greatness, comes from “leading “others. Beware of these folks. Since their goal is to lead, in short, tell others how to live their lives, they naturally gravitate to government to provide them with the power to get their jollies. Why provide them with this power? Why provide anyone with this power. It NEVER has a happy ending. They may play lip service to the will of the majority, whatever that is, but sooner or later they will get down to the business at hand, as they see it, which is to exercise power. They are power geeks. Never forget that. These people require power. It gives them meaning, a reason to be.

But, most people cannot acknowledge this. For most, I suspect, they are just happy that someone is stepping up to the plate. To lead, to do the things they do not want to get their hands dirty on. It is true, leaders do emerge among Men and people are happy to follow them. Is this a fatal flaw? I believe it is. Call it a design flaw. But that is the way it is and we must work with it.

Americans, Hell, the whole world, have been convinced that there is no other way. That government is the answer to the world’s problems. That all we need is more regulations, more government control, more government meddling into the affairs of Men. We have been led down the primrose path of relinquishing personal responsibility to government. This is no random occurrence. We have been educated to believe this hogwash. We have been told over and over that history is about the actions of government and of “great” men and women. Regular folks are merely bystanders in the great ebb and flow of history. After all, movers and shakers aren’t called that for no reason. They move and they shake, so and so the Great. Give em a steak, Jake. Give me a break!

I don’t buy it. Mankind would get along just fine without these cretins. We’d solve problems, do work, house and clothe and feed ourselves without any leaders to tell us how we should do it. We’d find a way.

That doesn’t mean we wouldn’t need guidance every now and then. It doesn’t mean some folks wouldn’t be able to make it on their own or need assistance. It just means we wouldn’t look to government to take up the burden, we’d find a way. We’d find a way.

What would replace government? I say nothing should, But, for those of you who can’t imagine life without it how about a council of elders, or perhaps a short term jural assembly with the temporary power to resolve certain issues? There are countless alternatives to a permanent, entrenched institution called government.

Proponents of government would fight this tooth and nail. For to abolish organized government is to abolish permanent positions of power. They would lose their exalted status. Is that a bad thing?

I can hear people object and ask “What about hostile foreigners?” Who will protect us? That is a valid objection. After all, Humans are warlike and aggressive towards other humans. I believe that if all of humanity were to embrace the idea of self governance there would be no apparatus for conquest. No one group of people would have the military might to move against another group. If the movers and shakers were denied positions of power conflicts might be settled in other ways. After all, it is those folks who believe might makes right and are willing to co-op others into realizing their fantasies of power who usually start wars and conflict. What would happen if there were no positions of power? Peace might break out. Heaven forbid!

I believe it is time for Mankind to move beyond this old fashioned idea of permanent governments and embrace less centralized methods of societal interaction. This is not kumbiyah, can’t we all just get along, pie in the sky fantasies of a perfect species, it’s about approaching the challenges we face in a different way. It’s about voluntary interaction and respect for the rights of others. It’s about rejecting the way we are doing things and embracing something else. We must find a way. If we don’t, we’re screwed.

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