Diversity, Schmidversity

I’ve had it with all the browbeating.

There is a commercial currently airing featuring a Pretenders tune sung by a parade of well meaning sheep. It goes on and on. People helping people, black helping white, white helping brown, green helping red. On and on.

The idea is that we are all one. So far so good. But the implication is that it would surely better if we were truly one. That is, one color.

Nancy-I’ve got a screw or two loose-Pelosi went on and on and on the other day, in what looked like a filibuster, extolling the virtues of immigration. She even went so far as saying her grandchild had confessed that his birthday wish was to be brown. Isn’t that wonderful?,  this denizen of dumbville, queried.

I once had a client say to me, in response to comment I had made about not all people seeing things the way she did, “Well sometimes you just have to force people to change their minds.” I was dumbfounded, gobsmacked, incredulous. What could one possibly say in response to such a proposition? Are you Muslim, perhaps?

This seems to be the battle plan of the militarized left. If the rubes won’t change their feeble minds, we’ll just have to force them to. We will use the media to repeat the message over and over again until they get it into their thick, flyover heads. One way or another  they will change their minds. Does this sound familiar?

This sort of hammering home the message has met with limited success in the past. Sooner or later people start to think things through and reject any attempts to uproot their basic beliefs.

Are these people daft? Do they really believe this discredited version of mind control will really work? Repeat a lie often enough and people will believe it. Except they don’t. At least not for long. Just look at what’s happening in Europe. People there are beginning to see that they have been hoodwinked into believing that mixing incompatible cultures is some kind of virtue.

The motive behind all this has nothing to do with the oneness of Man and kumbayah. It is purely about power.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Diversity is a wonderful thing, so let’s keep it that way.

These loons actually believe that if you throw all of that diversity into the witches cauldron, stir it up and add eye of Obama, the resultant brew will be a complacent and easy to manage brown goo. They have no respect for brown. After all, the folks pushing this claptrap are mostly white!

Their kids aren’t marrying inter-racially, their kids aren’t hosting multiracial quick date campfires in the backyard of their DC homes. No, they closely guard their bloodlines and see to it that theirs remain pure.

They intend to rule.

They have convinced an entire generation that we’ve been doing it all wrong all along.

The sad part is that this generation, the millennials, and the fringe on either end, have bought into it. But not for long, I’m afraid. There is a recent story of a young girl who went to Africa to lend a western hand to those poor folk in need and quickly found out that her cultural values were at complete odds with those she was trying to “help.” She was warned, don’t drink the water, it is a fecal culture. She soon found out what that meant. People shit in the streets or where ever they happen to be when the urge strikes them. She found out women did all the work while the men lounged in the shade. Polygamy is wide spread and women are less than human.

She went back to Europe disillusioned and saw that the behavior of these people in her home country of Germany was no different than what she had recently witnessed in Africa. She concluded that the immigrants and refugees had no intention of assimilating to German culture. She witnessed an African woman allow her daughter to take a dump on the sidewalk. The nearby policeman turned his head, as if ordered to regard that particular sort of diversity as acceptable.

She had made a mistake, she lamented, and vowed to move to Poland to get away from it.

It reminds me of what the crazies from liberal states have done to Montana; turn it into a shithole and then leave for greener pastures when it gets too deep.

What this band of goons is discovering is that for all their attempts to persuade the public to buy into their nonsense, few are buying it.

The “High Contracting Powers” have concluded that tougher measures must be taken. For many years factions within government have been experimenting with various mind control techniques, from chemical alteration, to using microwave technology to “beam” thoughts into the heads of the nonbelievers. All to gain control of the unruly cattle.

It’s happening as you read this. It’s all around you in ways you never suspected. That cell phone you carry around is the ultimate propaganda machine. The news is being filtered so that you only get what they want you to get. Wifi is altering DNA and the way you think. TV, of course, has always been a medium of mind control. Chemicals in the food,  sprayed in the sky, and put in the water supply are not being put there for your well being, they are being put there to make you docile and complacent.

You are being herded into the slaughter house corral for extermination and you are consenting to it.

Yes, I’m tired of being lectured to and scolded and manipulated by these demons and I hope you are, too.


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