How You Got Tangled Up In Commerce

It’s been said that everything is commerce.

But what if I don’t want to operate in commerce with all its rules, regulations, codes, statutes and attendant duties and obligations?

What is commerce anyway? I think it’s safe to say that it is buying and selling between legal entities. What exactly does that mean? I’ll use a Rob Menard example. Say, for example, you live in village and this village, among other things, has people who grow wheat, a baker or two,  and the townsfolk who buy the bread produced by the baker. The farmer grows the wheat and in turn sells it to the baker who adds value to the wheat by turning it into bread and in turn sells it to the townsfolk who make sandwiches and toast and such. This is trade.

One day, in marches Mr. money bags and he buys up all of the available wheat and stores it in a warehouse. He waits until the wheat stocks of the bakers run out and then sells the wheat to a middle man at a profit  who sells it to the bakers at a price that is twice what the farmer was selling it for. That is commerce, provided Mr Moneybags and the middleman are operating as a corporation or other legal entity.

But what if he isn’t operating as a legal entity? Seems to me that when he buys the wheat it becomes his property and when he sells it he is selling is his property. No different than when you sell your lawnmower to the neighbor. If you can get more than you paid for it, all the better. For you, at least.

So why is a legal entity engaged in this activity doing commerce and the guy buying and selling wheat as a man not engaged in commerce?

Because a legal fiction is a creation of government and government can control that which it creates.

It can’t control a Man because government is a creation of Men (or God if you believe that applies to all governments, I don’t. Either way government is below men. To put government above men is to put a fiction above the real ) and as such can’t control its creator without the creator’s consent. It must have our  permission to subject us to its laws of commerce.

So why is it that government can make us subject to its laws of commerce if we haven’t consented, that we know of. There is no consent if one doesn’t know he is consenting, right?

This where the magic comes into play. Magic is merely the use of deception to divert ones attention from what is really going  on. You didn’t actually think there was no rabbit in that hat, did you? The magician didn’t create a rabbit out of thin air before he pulled it from the hat. He diverted your attention away from the fact that he put one in there while you weren’t looking, or he exchanged hats or he put the hat over a hole in the table under which he hid a rabbit. I have no idea how he did it, magicians never tell, but he didn’t create the rabbit out of the vapors. You knew that, right?

So what in the Hell is going on when a cop pulls you over and gives you a ticket for breaching some rule of commerce?

We know that Motor Vehicle Codes only deal with “persons” and things in commerce. It’s right there in the definition section of every state’s vehicle code. A”person” is an individual, corporation, LLC, trust…..or any other legal entity.

The Federal definition of a “motor vehicle” is something like: a self propelled conveyance used for the transport of property and passengers in commerce. In other words, for hire and owned by a “person,” a corporation.

So what’s that have to do with you?

Nothing! It has nothing to do with you, unless you are in the employ of a corporation doing commerce on the public roadways and you are working in that capacity when you are pulled over.  Then you are an individual, which is an employee, or agent or representative of a legal entity.

So how does the cop know you are working as an employee of legal entity and are conducting its business on the roadway? I say, and this is conjecture, it’s when you hand him “your,” (it’s not really yours) license. He establishes “joinder,” a connection between you, the man or woman, and the legal entity he now assumes you are working for. You can look at joinder as a pledge by you that you  are surety for or an agent of some legal entity. Since legal entities are nothing more than a NAME on a piece of paper it needs a flesh and blood man or woman to act on its behalf.

Here is where opinions about this diverge. Since the owner of a thing pays the bills, you own your car, you pay for repairs, the owner of the legal fiction pays the fine. The cop is looking for someone to claim ownership of or pledge as surety for some legal fiction. Which are you? Owner or surety? And what is the fiction he is looking for? The cop, most likely, has no idea this is what he is doing, he’s just been told he must convince you to hand him the license thereby establishing joinder.

Turns out, it is the NAME on your license. That NAME is a creation of government. It just happens to look a lot like the one mom and dad gave you. But it isn’t!

When you were born someone lied to your parents and told them they MUST fill out and register a form called a Certificate of Live Birth, COLB. Registration is an act of commerce. It is the recording of a fictitious NAME that is going to be used in commerce into the public record so that everyone knows that it is a legal entity.  Interestingly, government claims ownership of the register and the documents provided for that registration. They take that ownership of the paper, the COLB, and create a legal fiction “for you.” Actually, it’s for them. They never tell you this is what they are doing. Since mom registered the COLB and the NAME on it they then make the presumption that mom was creating a legal fiction and she knew what she was doing. They just completed the paper work, and wahlah! there’s a legal entity with a name that looks just like yours! And they own it! AND, they trade it on the market and make money from it because it is also a security. It’s magic!

What is your interest in that NAME? I’m not sure about that. They  used the information and name that mom provided to create a fiction, but they claim ownership of that information so the fiction must be theirs, right? So why aren’t they paying the bills charged to that name?

Because, you, in your ignorance, either claimed that you were surety for that entity or you claimed ownership of it by handing it to the cop. Joinder, joinder, joinder. If you  are claiming surety, you pay, if you are claiming ownership then there is a controversy about who owns the title and they gain jurisdiction and then you pay. Either way, they win! Funny thing is, you didn’t know you were making a claim on the name when you handed the cop the license, which is just permission to engage in commerce on behalf of the NAME if need be, so how is it joinder is established? It’s just a presumption. They figure ignorance of the law is no excuse, but I dare anyone to show me where it is stated on a Driver license application, or anywhere else that clearly states that handing an officer a DL is an act of joinder.

I don’t think it matters which one you are claiming in court. When you answer to the name in court by saying, yeah, that’s me, they make the presumption that you are either claiming surety or ownership of the NAME. Doesn’t matter, either one pays. Best not to make any claims about the name.

Since you are a flesh and blood living soul you have a right to face your accuser. That accuser is someone saying you made one or the other claim. But, all charges are brought by The CITY OF______, or THE STATE OF____, the UNITED STATES, but never a man or woman, only a man or woman acting on behalf of those entities. As soon as you ask for the man or woman saying you are making a claim, not one or those people in the courtroom will stand up and say “I am making the claim,” because they aren’t, its the entity and you can’t talk to an entity nor it to you. I suppose you can talk to a piece of paper but don’t expect it to talk back, unless you are “special.” In other words, there is no way that you can face your accuser because it doesn’t exist in the world of living men and women.

So, that’s how government gets you involved in commerce when you thought you were just going to the store in your property and on public roads, which means you.

What other ways have they lured you into commerce? By opening a bank account, by claiming US citizenship, A US citizen is an employee (individual)of the UNITED STATES, a corporation; by registering to vote (only a US citizen can register to vote, remember what registration is?), and by using the “legal name,” another word for a registered legal entity, to make transactions. When you open a bank account you are opening it in the legal name, and when you use a credit or debit card you are using the legal name to make a transaction in commerce. Why, because the monetary system in place, the Federal Reserve System, is pure commerce. It is a privately owned corporation engaged in the business of buying and selling securities, a commercial activity.  The “money” we use is their property and they have made it very clear; anything “paid” for in Federal Reserve Notes is their property. In other words, we don’t own anything because we don’t have a way to pay for it. That is, there is no lawful money, gold and silver, in circulation with which to pay!

We can’t deal in commerce without an intermediary, the NAME, because dissimilar things cannot be joined. You are living soul and the corporation is just a piece of paper. So how do we buy something online without a card of some sort (NAME)? We can’t. The whole economy is based on legal fictions and we are trapped.

Some say gain control of the NAME. By doing that you are still engaging in commerce and maybe you want nothing to do with it. Some say claim ownership of the name, but they already presume ownership and any claims of such are contested by them and they usually win those fights.

So, what to do? How do we remove ourselves from commerce and still acquire the things we need to survive and stuff? I don’t think we can until we insist on lawful money. Money that has no “ownership” attached. We also have to insist that Law Merchant/Admiralty jurisdiction be confined to the sea where it belongs and leave us out of it unless we voluntarily want to engage in it. And lastly, We have to find a way to convey to the Vatican that Unam Sanctum, the bull that Boniface VIII used to claim ownership of everything on earth is just that, BULL! It’s just a claim by a man who had delusions of grandeur.

How do we do all that? I haven’t the foggiest!

Just remember this: it was commerce that got Jesus riled up enough to turn over tables in the temple; it is commerce God is talking about when he said he was no respecter of “persons.” Commerce is Lucifer’s world because it is a world of fiction, a false reality, a mirror of creation. If we can wrap our minds around all of this we might be able to make some headway. But if none of this interests you, then enjoy being a willing partner in an illusion and firmly ensconced in Lucifer’s evil clutches.

We can’t lay it all on God. I think He figures we ought to be doing something to get ourselves out of this fine mess we’re in.

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