I Got Nothin’

I got nothin’. I’m starting this post with nothing to say. Maybe that will change. As I watch events unfold all I can do is shake my head. Are people so blind they can’t see they are being manipulated? That they are being manipulated by those in power who want to stay in power? That they have been fed all sorts of lies?One of those lies is that “pure socialism” can save humanity. It’s nonsense of course. But the idea is gaining ground among those who survived the public indoctrination camps. And that is troubling.  But there is no such thing as “pure” anything much less socialism. One only has to look at Europe to see that socialism is tearing their economies apart. And don’t be fooled by places like Denmark or Sweden. Those places have been riding on the success of past freerer market policies that generated quite a bit of wealth. That wealth has become depleted and they are now switching back to policies that encourage entrepreneurial-ism.

We have been led down a path that will eventually lead us to complete serfdom. It is the path labeled “government can solve all problems.” We are being lead like rats following the pied piper to drown in the ocean.

I don’t know. Maybe people find the world too complicated. Instead of just stopping and admitting “I got nothin’,” they grope around for a solution, any solution that sounds good. Except the solutions being offered are those of the ruling class. Can’t we see? Those solutions benefit only the ruling class. They are designed to seduce you into believing things that are just not true. “Man-made  global warming is true.” I’m not sure anyone, if they are being honestknows if that is true, but it sure does benefit the ruling class. They get to impose carbon taxes that do no good for anyone but themselves. I have yet to see a cogent argument that carbon taxes will change anything. In the typical corporate fashion the scheme is complicated and involves a tangled mess of trading carbon credits between various countries and industries, some of which are “favored” and some are not. In the end Al Gore wins you lose.

Can’t we see the deception? I have you ever said to yourself “I just don’t understand?” If you haven’t you’re not being honest with yourself. Instead of, when presented with the latest solution, stopping and saying. “I got nothin'” you hop on the band wagon and beat the drums for this new lie. Have you looked at this solution and thought it through? Have you asked yourself “who benefits?” Is it you? Does it leaves others out? Does it impose on others conditions to which they object? Does it presuppose that most poisonous of all propositions, the one that proclaims that the good of the collective must come first? Maybe you believe that, but have you asked yourself “what is the collective?” The answer can only be, it is a bunch of individual men and women. There is no such thing as the collective. The good of the many outweighs the good of the few is a lie. Spock was wrong. The individual man or woman predates the collective. We may act or decide collectively but that must not be confused with this “thing” we label the collective. It doesn’t exist, this collective. It is ghost, and illusion, a lie. In truth, we can only do collectively that which is best for the individual and that, in turn, ends up being what is best for most. And what is that? Voluntarism.

Voluntarism is the idea that all interactions between Men must be voluntary. That agreements must have mutual consent. That no one has the authority to impose anything on another. The exception to that is, of course, when someone breaks the rules and imposes their will upon another. It’s pretty simple, this voluntarism. It’s not a plan, it’s not political philosophy as such. It’s just a way of being that allows others to be, too.

As I look around I see nothing but people at each others’ throats. No can leave the other guy alone, it seems. There is a whole lotta poking and prodding and muscling of others going on. And I can only shake my head in disbelief.  We have allowed a small group of crazy people to take over the world because we don’t know we’ve been deceived. We bought into their constructs of control, the isms that will save or destroy the world. Socialism, Communism, Fascism, Democracy. They all benefit the crazies. They all deny voluntary interaction. They are all false social constructs. And they all will lead Mankind into serfdom. Don’t fall for it.

Maybe I had somthin’ to say all along.

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