Ignorance In The Streets

The political climate in this country is getting stranger by the day. We have students (maybe not students) rioting over the appearance on campus of someone they disagree with. They claim this is about free speech. Whose free speech? I ask. We have corporations like Google et al ganging up on Trump for doing exactly what Obama did. In fact the list of countries considered a threat to national security was compiled by Obama. Most of these people protesting around the country have no idea what they are protesting against and can’t fathom that what they advocate, no countries, no borders, is not in their best interest. They have been spoon fed a lie by the media and they haven’t even bothered to look into it.

My concern is the preoccupation with politics in general. What is the first thing a narcissist wants you to pay attention to? Why, him, of course. We are giving far too much attention to a thing that isn’t even government. It is a corporation. Its business model is theft. It’s out to fleece us of our wealth, rights, and souls. Why is this so hard for people to accept? Why do people think that government will solve all of our problems? I guess it’s because we don’t want to get our hands dirty dealing with those with whom we disagree. And when government doesn’t bring home the bacon, our own idea of bacon, we riot.  Nice.

If people knew just how corrupt their so called governments are, even local and state, especially local and state, I suspect their focus might be a bit different. I am convinced, after much study, that corruption in government is like stage four cancer. It has invaded everything. It is every where. In fact, this system that was set up by a very small group of people, has now taken over the world. It is in every government building in every country on this planet. We in America have been living under communism for at least six decades. We are no longer the masters, but the slaves to this system. It’s goal is complete domination of Mankind. I am now convinced it has achieved that goal.

I have been reading stories of extremely brave people who have studied the law and its application and tried to expose the corruption only to be brutalized and thrown in cages by government officials who are deathly afraid that their scam will be uncovered. These people have shown, conclusively, that government has no jurisdiction over living men and women, except in cases where there is an injured party, and is engaged in extortion at every level. They are fleecing each and every one of us and if we protest too loudly they use every trick in the book to silence us. It has now come to the point of using brute force to silence those who dare challenge their criminal behavior. But, the American people submit without even questioning where these people get their authority to steal from us and throw us in cages. No, this is not about law, or anything even resembling law. This is not about who will build the roads or who will keep order. This is about power. They do not follow their own laws. But they expect us to get with their program of subservience.

So why, oh why do we give them so much attention? Why are these people protesting so caught up in a game that is designed to enslave them. Why can’t they see? The are upset that Trump is denying people entrance into this country from certain countries until the vetting process can be improved. They don’t see that this mass immigration into the US and Europe is a direct result of US foreign policy and that, what can only be called an invasion of the EU, has been paid for by unseen forces. If you really think that invasion is a harsh term, take a look at this: http://www.breitbart.com/london/2015/11/11/watch-anti-migrant-video-going-viral-across-europe/ Who paid for their transportation into Europe? Is this really the kind of multiculturalism they want? Do the protesters of Trump’s policy understand they are advocating their own demise? Who is behind this multiculturalism nonsense? And why do people blindly follow along? It boggles the mind.

Non of this will end well. We are on the path of total slavery to a tiny group of people who are so bored the only thing left to them is total power and control. Maybe that’s not accurate. Maybe they are carrying out the orders of a power above them. One that hates creation and wants to destroy it. One that is a sore loser. Just like these people in the streets.


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