It’s Our Choice

When is Mankind going stop this “I want to rule the world”foolishness? Why would anyone want to rule the world? I mean, what’s the point? Anytime you claim ownership of anything you are obliged to take care of it. The bigger the building the bigger your janitorial duties. If you acquire enough you are spending all of your time sweeping up. Unless, of course, you want to live in squalor.

These jokers at the top think they are getting one over on the Creator. We’ll show you, you, you, Creator you!

Who ever these clowns are they are displaying the mindset of a twelve year old. I’ll show you! I’ll just take over the world and then you’ll be sorry! They enlist the services of governments and their intelligence apparatus to spy on, intimidate, coerce, limit, kill, or otherwise squash opposition to the “Grand Game.” All they are really doing is creating the need for more brooms and mops. Do they really think that an idea can be gotten rid of with force? Kill this guy, silence that guy, intimidate the other guy. Has this stuff ever worked in the long run?

I watched a video the other day about a guy who had been visited by one of the intelligence agencies. They warned him in no uncertain terms what could happen if he kept doing what he was doing, writing and making videos critical of the powers that used to be. What gives them this right?  Do they not understand there are consequences for meddling with the free will of other men?

The agent claimed to be a good guy yet was working full time for the Devil. It’s just my job. Jeeeesh.

What is incredible to me is that the rest of us either deny this is going on or throw our hands into the air and proclaim, “but what can I do about it?” It’s in God’s hands. That may be but we are expected to make a choice. Do we continue to support this madness with our votes and acquiescence to their looting and domination or do we withdraw our support? That is the choice we have to make. Make no mistake, It’s our choice, not theirs. And now is the time to make it.


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