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I’d like to thank my readers (all five of you) for tuning in. I started this blog because I felt that some things had to be said. As many of you are aware, the world is at a crossroads. If you are not aware of this or think it is just conspiracy theory, it’s time to do the reading. Humanity must now choose between dominance by a small cadre of self proclaimed elites bent on controlling your every move, your finances, where you live, what you eat,and what kind of medical care you will receive. In short, what they call “full spectrum dominance.” And, a way that it is in harmony with creation and how it works.

The former is being done by convincing you that science, technology and central planning (read big government) can rid the world of  what ails it. It’s an old story. Just let superior minds do the thinin’ round here and all will be well. We must reject this way of thinking. Yes, the corporate model is efficient. Yes, it gets the job done (most of the time). And yes, it can   provide order, but at what cost?

I am convinced that despite its attributes, this system is at odds with nature. It appears to be an end run around natural law to benefit a few wanna be “gods.” We don’t have to reject science, per se, or technology. We must simply be vigilant about how they are put to use. We must not allow convenience to morph into expedience. Sadly, we are most of the way there. We accept what science tells us without question because we do not understand it. We accept technology because it makes our lives easier without questioning the price we pay. We have accepted a monetary system that exploits our labor to enrich the few. We have allowed money to become digits because it is convenient. Money, in order to do what it does must have intrinsic value. Why would you trade digits and pieces of paper with no intrinsic value for things that do have value, such as food, housing, etc? We do it because it is convenient. That’s the only reason.

I hope to remind the reader that easy is not always better. That doing stuff for yourself is rewarding and can open your eyes to the value of your efforts. You can grow your own food, you can make basic repairs to most of the things you use, you can govern yourself which means following the golden rule.

By revealing how your path has been chosen for you by others, we can learn together how to chose our path. The path that is truly our own. The path that is in harmony with our nature, with our selves.

Because it is the season for putting up food from the garden and the season for harvesting protein from our local environment posts may be few and far between for a month or so. We are busy “puttin’ stuff up” for the winter. Hope to see a few of you come back for a visit once and a while.


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