No freedom for you!

If man is to regain the sovereignty on earth given to him by his creator, he must first understand how it was taken from him by man.

God is in control but he exercises that control though man. A case may be made that the creator intervenes when nothing else will do.

We are not free in America, contrary to popular belief. A small group of people with delusions of hereditary grandeur has ruled over man for eons. At first they claimed what would later be dubbed “the divine right of kings,”   A silly doctrine loosely predicated on Romans 13 in which it is believed that God ordains kings to rule. In “The Right to Alter or Abolish the Government: God Makes Nations, Men Make Government” by Gerald R. Thompson, Thompson writes: So we may say that biblically and historically, both civil power (Gen. 9:6) and nationality (Gen. 10:32) preceded the formation of any civil government. Nations came first, and civil governments followed later, which gives rise to three corollaries:

    1) If nations and civil governments arose at different times, they likely arose by different means and were instigated by different persons. Sure enough, though scripture has abundant evidence of the hand of God in creating the nations, there is a conspicuous absence of similar evidence (except for Israel, discussed below) that He had a hand in creating any civil government. The absence of something does not prove the point, however, so I will take up this subject in more detail immediately following…
          3) Civil government was not (and is not) necessary for either the existence of nations, or the existence of the valid use of civil power. At this point we come to an inconvenient truth: civil government may be useful, but in the plan of the God who made man, it is not indispensable. No, I’m not seriously advocating that all civil government be done away with. Yes, I am seriously advocating that no


        form of civil government is absolutely critical to mankind’s existence. [Do you think people cannot possibly live well on the earth without the U.S. Constitution? Based on what?]
                So, Europe was ruled by kings who were ruled by bankers at the time of the American revolution. The bankers were quite upset by the American idea of self rule. They believed it would upset the established order of the divine right of kings that they controlled and vowed to find a way to destroy this new state of affairs that America presented.
                An early attempt to take control of the Americans was purely financial in nature.  They established, with the help of Alexander Hamilton, The Bank of the United States in 1811, America’s first central bank. It was quite controversial and unpopular. The charter was not renewed. It was followed by a second attempt in 1816 and that bank was poorly managed and created a great deal of financial havoc. It too, lost its charter.
                Realizing that control could not be gained through finance alone they then devised a system of paper control. Every flesh and blood man or woman was magically transformed into a legal fiction by way of the birth certificate. Well, to be more precise, the birth certificate created a legal fiction and flesh and blood men and woman were tricked into pledging themselves as surety for that fiction. In other words, by signing for, answering to, or otherwise claiming to be the fiction, we assumed responsibility for the debts of the fictional name. Not only that, we subjected ourselves to the statutes and policies of a corporation, the UNITED STATES. We were brought into the law of the sea. This change was completed in the late 50s and early 60s. We are now, as a country, operating under Maritime law. That is why if you bring up the Constitution in court you will be told it does not apply there.


                  Corporations operate under the jurisdiction of the sea. Maritime, or the law of merchants. This jurisdiction can only operate in the realm of paper. If it’s not on paper it doesn’t exist. We, flesh and blood men and women, on the other hand operate in the jurisdiction of the land. That is, common law or natural law. If you cause harm to another or his property, an offense has been committed and redress is required. Period. There are no licenses, fees, fines, policy infringements, or any other nonsense imposed upon us by the law merchant of the corporations, only the natural, or God’s law: Do no harm.
                  And so, the bankers devised a way to control Man with his implied, but uninformed, consent. Thus, the Federal Reserve banking system of the law merchant was imposed upon the unsuspecting people of America and all the statutes and policies to support it were devised during the “progressive” era. This was the time of our enslavement. Granted, the UNITED STATES INC. was finalized in 1871 and the treasonous congress began to build the legal foundation for this enslavement after the Civil War, it was in the teens and twenties that the system was solidified and we were all caught in its net. It was nothing short of a revolution.


                This system is now so firmly entrenched, so ensconced, so much a part of our lives that the vast majority of people have no idea it’s there. We blindly believe this is the way it’s always been. That all of these “laws” are for the good and that there is no other way to run a modern civilization. Well, you’ve been punked, lied to and deceived. You believed because you were presented with no other option and failed to question that state of affairs. They gained your consent by your absence of dissent. But, you ask, how could I have possibly consented to something I wasn’t even told about?  Well, that’s the lie, the great deception. Ignorance is no excuse, so say the deceivers.
                This is the fine mess we find ourselves in. Every time you sign something, apply for a license or permit, answer to the NAME, or otherwise identify with that name you show evidence of your consent. Or so they say. Researchers have for years been trying to find a foolproof way to withdraw that consent with little success. The system will protect itself and the spoils you provide with your payment of fines and fees and taxes. They will not willingly give up this giant extortion racket. That is why we MUST try to understand this thing and admit that it is going on before we can mount an effective defense. Even then, we may not be able to rid ourselves of these madmen without divine intervention. I suspect if enough people ask for divine intervention, we may just get it!
                My question is: does Man want to be truly free? Does He want the responsibility that comes with freedom? Is it important enough to him to risk everything he has come to accept as truth to gain it? I’m not so sure.







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