Nothing Is As It Seems

It’s Spring in the Rockies. Well, it should be Spring. Spring is surely on it’s way, right? Maybe next week. Any way, there is much to be done. Getting the gardens ready to plant. Sharpening mower blades etc. I haven’t had much time to do any thinking about the stuff I usually think about.

I did take a cursory look into something that has eluded me for some time. Property tax. How is it that governments can tax a right? You know, you have a right to own property, right? Well, They change the definitions of the words you think you know the meaning of. For example, in Montana, the code starts out something like this: All property in Montana is taxable with the following exemptions…Well, it turns out the lawyers for the legislature redefined the  word “property” to mean property owned by legal fictions, under license, used for the purpose of making a profit. Does that sound like your home?

They use words like “real estate,” tangible property” and such to describe your private property. These terms are commercial terms and have nothing to do with your home and the land it sits on. But since we don’t  know they have changed the meaning of words we use every day and think we know the meaning of, we fail to object to the use of those words to describe our private property.

The same is true for income taxes, sales taxes, any kind of tax you can think of. You are being taxed under the presumption that you are engaged in commerce. Well, Commerce means something very specific. It means, essentially, that you are exercising a government granted privilege. That is, you are operating under a government created legal entity and are “in commerce” with other legal entities. Of course, this is what corporations do. They exist purely by government grant. And the legal maxim is government can only tax, regulate, control that which it creates. Nothing else. Did government create you? Of course not. In fact you created government. Or, rather, the government that created the corporate entities that are masquerading as government. Since we the people created government and government created legal fictions we are still on top of the pyramid and have ultimate control of that which government created.

So what am I going on about? Human nature, I guess. It seems there are those among us who would lie, cheat, deceive, and use violence against the rest of us in order to achieve gain for themselves. They are parasites and they are usually hiding at the top of the local, state or national power pyramid: Judges, mayors, senators governors, presidents etc. Even these guys are not at the top. But that’s another topic.

This is not to say that your local county clerk or clerk at the driver license facility is a parasite thief, but they are complicit, even if they don’t know it. They are facilitating theft on a grand scale simply because they believe what they have been told. The believe Government can tax anything  that moves or doesn’t move because that is what the real thieves have told them and they are trusting and don’t question anything. They are committing crimes that are spelled out in their own municipal codes but they don’t have a clue what the codes say. Remarkably, the codes and statutes of the municipal corporations comport well with the constitutions created by the people, the original constitutions, that is.

So, these people are taxing your property, your compensation, pretty much everything, under the assumption that you are engaged in commerce and they are making a killing doing it. They are robbing you blind and they know it. And they will do ANYTHING to protect their extortion racket, including throwing you in a cage or worse if you call them on it.

So far, efforts to engage them in court have only been successful in a few cases. Those cases are usually brought by people who really know what they are doing. By people who have spent years studying statutes, codes, court procedures and such. And even then, the thieves have been known to change the rules, intimidate and commit violence against these people if they get too close to the truth. They WILL protect their racket at all costs.

So, the question arises, how do we the people control our servants? How do we play a game in which there are no rules? How do we put these people back into the boxes created by our various constitutions? I think the first step is to educate people that these guys have stepped out of those boxes. That they are acting contrary to the people’s wishes. We need to make it clear to people that what WE say is law, what We say is the way things should work is the final word. And, most importantly, we need to educate people on the fundamental principals upon which governments are created. What is just, what is not just. How power is to be exercised and how power is abused. We need to dispel myths and lies about what government should be doing and what it shouldn’t be doing.

This is a monumental task considering this country is moving rapidly far left. That philosophy concludes government can and ought to have supreme power over men because we are all incapable of governing ourselves. It posits that only government can do the things we need to have a civilization. The followers of this philosophy firmly believe we are children and must be forced to do that which, they say, is for our own good. Make no mistake, this philosophy is about power and nothing else. The left, and most of the right is about control and human subjugation. The poor misinformed schmucks who buy into this crap really believe they are crusading for human equality, social justice and peace among men.

They are mistaken. They have been lied to. But, yet, they believe it. It is towards these people that we should direct our efforts. We must engage our friends, family, neighbors and acquaintances and dribble information to them in doses they can digest. Let them know there is a better way. A way that does not subjugate. A way that does not demand performance but rather protects our freedom to be what and who we choose to be. Something simple. Something doable. Luckily, That way already exists. It’s been around for thousands of years. It has been uttered by Jesus in the form of the golden rule, and by countless others trying to show us the way to live together. Simply put: Do no harm!

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