Our Proper Standing

I have puked out a lot of words describing how men of power have enslaved humanity. You know, the machinations by which they have convinced us that we are something that we are not. Words like “citizen,” “person,” “driver,” “operator,” republican, democrat, voter, etc. etc. have all been employed to divert our attention away from who and what we are: living souls created by God. It’s been said that real magic is the clever use of words to deceive. Words that lead us into a direction that we would not have chosen for ourselves. We have all, regardless of culture, nationality,or any other category, been given a narrative that directs our focus away from that simple truth and toward something that is false.

Let’s look at the myth that is the united states of America. You know, all the stories of the founding fathers throwing off the burden of the Europeans empires and establishing a bastion of freedom and justice for all. There is the Cherry Tree, The revolution, Paul Revere, ole Ben Franklin, you know the stories. While we look back on these stories with a certain fondness, they are largely false, or at best, designed to establish a certain narrative. That is, the founders finally established a political system that rejected the top down systems of Europe and the monarchies and repressive regimes of “the old world” in favor of freedom for the people. The lofty ideals that this country was founded upon may or may not have been in the hearts of those men. I don’t doubt that Jefferson and company actually believed those things, but he was still a man and he was protecting his own interests, and those of his peers.

But the truth of the matter is in the pudding. The treaty of Paris, or the treaty of 1783, the treaty that finalized the revolutionary war, was largely just a divvying up of the spoils of the new world. The King of England retained the rights to a percentage of the output of the newly established American nation and was given the responsibility of protecting the waterways and foreign commerce of the new nation because we didn’t have a Navy to speak of. You can read it for yourself here. In other words, America is a commercial enterprise and has always just been that.

That’s not to say that trade is a bad thing. Man depends upon trade for his survival. In fact, merchants and men of commerce, that is, trade on the high seas, have come up with their own system of laws based on the code of Hammurabi, to insure fair dealings among men. The law Merchant, or maritime law is a system of private law among merchants and enforced in private courts. It has always been understood to be a jurisdiction entered into by consent, or in other words, contract. Once one contracts with another Maritime law applies. It has certain maxims. One is that like can only contract with like. A man can contract with another man, and a legal entity can contract with another legal entity but nary the two shall mix. Man cannot contract with a legal entity. And that, right there, is the key to our modern enslavement.

What started out as a way to ensure fair dealing among Men has become the tool of Satan to gain control of God’s creation. It was through men like Mayor Amschel  Rothschild that control of the entire world became possible. By gaining effective control of the governments of Europe by lending them money for their various exploits, Rothschild was able to control events, even starting wars and negotiating peace.

The European banking families did not approve of the debt free currency of the new nation and sought ways to gain control of it. Through trial and err, they finally established a system that made humanity into commodities.

Among other things they used words of art, or legalese, to convince us that we are legal fictions under the jurisdiction of commercial law. By using these words over and over, they have established an edifice of falsity. They have convinced us that all is commerce, even if we don’t know that’s what we are doing. We think we are “drivers,” but in the definition section of all state motor vehicle codes we find that a “driver” is a commercial entity, an employee of a corporation, “operating” a “vehicle” in commerce. It’s there, clear as day.

So, we have all been shanghaied into commerce without our knowledge or consent. With the exception of a few countries, the entire globe and all it’s people and property are under maritime jurisdiction. The money masters have effectively taken over the earth. And it was done with the blessing of the Pope. Under the Papal bull Unam sanctam all of the earth was considered property of the “Vatican.” The Pope declared himself the “vicar of Christ” and as such inherited ownership of the earth. This is utter nonsense of course, but that is what he claimed. Since the corporation is an invention of the Vatican, the original trust, and its agent, the City of London, the one square mile financial center within London, the city, all corporate entities belong to the Vatican. I know it sounds nuts, but that is the present understanding.

So, since we are all presumed to be operating in commerce, what can we do to free ourselves from this web of deceit? I believe there is only one way. And that is to understand what we are and what we are not. To understand in what capacity we are operating. To understand that a “person” is a mask, a role, like doctor or lawyer or driver etc. To understand that those labels are not who we are. God is no respecter of persons, meaning that God doesn’t care about the “person,” the mask, but about the Man behind the mask. When we claim to be a citizen, or a national or a driver or a voter, or a tax payer or any other “person” we have made a false claim. We are not those things, those masks, they are just roles we play, but they are not us. Those roles have a useful purpose which is to harness certain fields of knowledge and to provide services to our fellow Men and Women. But we must not make any claims that we are those things. A a very wise man once said over and over, Make No Claims!

When we make a claim it is up to us to bear the burden of liability. “I am a taxpayer!” Well now you bear the burden of paying the tax. Whatever you think of taxes or rules of the road or any other liability created by such claims, those claims take away our consent. Or put another way, those claims establish our consent and bind us to it. Consent must be freely given and not forced upon us through the artifice of contrived labels. We must remain what and who we are and, if we consent to a thing, it must be done as a Man or Woman, not as a mask. Only then have we removed ourselves from the world of paper and entered into the world God created. The World of paper belongs to the deceiver. We must recognize the difference. Our proper standing, in any situation, then, is as a Man or Women because that is what we are. We are living souls created by the maker and we must not allow other men to define us.


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