Notice of non U.S. citizenship

There has been a mistake. For many years I had been led to believe I was a U.S. citizen. I was wrong. Forgive me. I now rebut that presumption. Any form, application, or any other written instrument on which I claimed U.S. citizenship is revoked. I was led to believe a falsehood based on incomplete information and popular misunderstanding. I did not do my due diligence. My bad. For the public record: I am not and never have been a U.S. citizen as per the 14th Amendment or any other instrument. I am one of the free, sovereign, independent people of the united States of America and nothing else.

Notice to principals is notice to agents. Notice to agents is notice to principals

By: The man known as ray, lawful house of Greninger.

The Scam of the Day

With all the madness passing as social discourse going on these days it’s hard to keep your eye on the ball. What is the ball exactly? It is the unveiling of the financial system that has hypothecated our labor and property to back a privately owned “currency.”

Many have succumbed to the scam of paying bills using their “secret accounts” based on their social security number and “legal name.” Whether or not that particular “secret account” exists is up for grabs. But make no mistake, there is an account, a cestui que vie trust with what looks like your name on it. Can you access it? Some say yes. Bu here is the problem: that account was set up based on your birth certificate for the sole purpose of robbing you of your labor, your property and eventually your soul. It’s there and, some people say it can be accessed. Continue reading “The Scam of the Day”

Triumph of the Owners

I’ve never seen anything like this. The deep state, progressives, the New World Order, whatever you want to call them, are attacking Trump relentlessly. I don’t recall any other time that I’ve been on this ball when a sitting president was besieged by so many different factions.

You know you’re over the target when you start to receive flak. Apparently, Trump is over the target. The target is the New World Order (New World Oder) and the system that has established itself in America since the American “Civil War.” It is a system bent on world domination, and they are not going to allow someone, even the elected president of their corporation, to stop them. Continue reading “Triumph of the Owners”

Red Pill Expo


G Edward Griffin wrapping up the event

G. Edward Griffin’s Red Pill Expo kicked off in Bozeman, Montana on June 23rd. It was a 2 day event and approximately 600 people attended. Well, that takes care of the who, what and where of this event, but says nothing about the event. Mc’d by John B. Wells of Caravan to Midnight fame, there were 30 some speakers including Joel Sallatin,  sustainable farmer, Lord Christofer Monckton, the manmade global warming debunker, Jeff Berwick of the Dollar Vigilante, Mike Adams, Jon Rappaport, Robert Kayosaki, the rich dad, poor dad guy, Richard Gage of architects for 911 truth, and Jeanette Finicum, wife of murdered rancher Levoy Finicum, and many more. Continue reading “Red Pill Expo”


New info pertaining to my last post. It appears some one got video of the London cops changing from their “cop” clothes into their “victim” clothes (or visa versa)  behind a van!

Now, this is certainly circumstantial but it sure is curious. I’m going to need a bigger bottle of Tums.

There is theory floating around out there that we are in a giant computer simulation. I disagree. I don’t think anyone, not even a highly advanced alien super duper hive-mind could come up with this stuff!

Insanity in an Otherwise Mad World

From the looks of it, today is going to be a scorcher. It’s not even noon and one of my many thermometers is reading 91 degrees. It’s a good day to stay inside and contemplate what appears to be the news. It ain’t pretty.

London is reeling from a van “attack” on the London bridge, as if vans can pull this off all by themselves. Then, as if this weren’t enough, the guys in the van drove to a market and began to stab people indiscriminately. Theresa May, Britain’s brain dead PM, then blamed the interwebtubes for the attacks.  Some one, some where else, as I recall, then blamed the attacks on global warming and Trump for pulling out of a treaty that hasn’t been ratified and commits the United States to sending billions of dollars ’round the world to, well, I’m not sure what all that money will do to change the climate except to make people like Al Gore filthy rich. What? People from near the equator are going on a rampage because summer is coming?

Then there are the students at Evergreen State College who are demanding a whites leave campus and are particularly pissed at one professor who has called these mental midget students on their incoherent twaddle. These SJWs are puking out the left’s usual talking points, you know, white privilege, hostility towards people who identify as transsexual, gender confused, sheep loving, xi/xe of mostly brown hued patches on their legs, the ugly but constant presence of the patriarchy, and we’re not sure exactly what Rachael Maddow is, but we believe every word she utters rhetoric that passes as thoughtful debate these days. Where’s my copy of Mastering the Art of French Cooking when I need it? I need mushrooms in cream sauce, my stomach is aching.

I’ve always suspected my species was capable of some pretty crazy stuff, you know, looking back on our history, but this is right up there with the inquisition. We don’t like the way you think because it threatens all the “progress” we have made, so now it’s time to crack down on all of you heathens out there in flyover country, and Hell, even on those we thought were on our side, TRAITORS! Any one else care to disagree?

There’s more, but I’m not sure my stomach can take it. We seem to have steered the ship of Man into the Bermuda triangle where compasses don’t work and shoes come in eighth sizes. I’d like the Opera Pumps in a 9 7/8 please. Here, in “the Triangle,” up is down, grass is blue, the sky is green and Archie Bunker agrees with everything Michael Stivic has to say. Eric has his foot up Red’s ass and can it be true? Is it even possible in this upside down world?  Kathy Griffin actually said something funny? Oh Lordy, Lordy, pass the Tums.

The only thing I can think to do is to wander out to the garden (later, when it’s cooler) and pull some weeds. In the garden, at least, I can actually do something about those pesky, unwelcome thistles in the salad bowl.




Let’s talk about sovereignty. God created Man and gave him dominion over earth and all its creatures. Now, maybe you don’t believe that, but you must admit Man has certainly taken over much of the earth. That is not to say Nature doesn’t have the last word every now and again. God gave Man a grant of sovereignty over matters Earth. Since there is no such thing as the “collective” without individuals to comprise it, that means God gave each one of us a grant of sovereignty in matters Earth. The only terms for this are do not harm your fellow Man or his property. Otherwise, live your lives. Continue reading “Sovereignty”


Dandelions, lots and lots of dandelions. This may be the worst year for them I’ve seen. Our large yard looks like an industrial cotton candy spill. A forest of dandelions. Of course, on the other side of the fence is a horse pasture smothered in dandelions.

The neighbor across the road is fond of dumping chemicals on his very large lawn. He thinks dandelions are little lawn demons in need of an exorcism. But his holy water is poison. It’s poison to us and to our animals. He doesn’t care. The label says it’s safe. They wouldn’t sell us something that wasn’t safe, would they?

So I don’t use chemicals to eradicate the invaders. I just wait them out. They will show their little yellow flowers which turn to white balls of fluff and then retreat back into the lawn. Three weeks tops. But in those three weeks lies madness among men of pure lawn. They will go to any length, resort to all manner of machination and hover over a cauldron of witches brew, stirring as directed, to rid their lawn of the evil dandelion. It’s an obsession of wasted time and effort. As someone once said to me, “if that stuff actually worked, why are there still dandelions?”

‘Nuff said.