Our Proper Standing

I have puked out a lot of words describing how men of power have enslaved humanity. You know, the machinations by which they have convinced us that we are something that we are not. Words like “citizen,” “person,” “driver,” “operator,” republican, democrat, voter, etc. etc. have all been employed to divert our attention away from who and what we are: living souls created by God. It’s been said that real magic is the clever use of words to deceive. Words that lead us into a direction that we would not have chosen for ourselves. We have all, regardless of culture, nationality,or any other category, been given a narrative that directs our focus away from that simple truth and toward something that is false. Continue reading “Our Proper Standing”

Winter to Spring, Or Not

Spring is on its way in the Rockies. For the next few weeks it will snow, then warm, then snow, then blow, a lot of blowing. It’s a time of weather turmoil as Winter gives way to Spring. When it comes to weather, we know it will eventually change. I not so sure about the affairs of Men. We do the same dance over and over again. We have times of peace and then some crazy guy decides he wants to rule the world and the next thing you know, it’s chaos time again. Why is it we are always caught off guard when events turn ugly? I repeat, it’s the same ole same ole over and over again. Continue reading “Winter to Spring, Or Not”

The Madness of Globalism

Give me more! Give me more, HA HA HA HA! No wait, Give me more AND let’s bomb some more countries so the world is safe for democracy! Let’s throw people in jail for using a plant! Let’s demand papers from everyone so we can be safe. That folks, is the left right paradigm at work. The left as a group is hopelessly stupid and arrogant, the right is hopelessly arrogant and stupid.

We are all marching to the tune of the owners. They want all this turmoil. They want everyone dependent on government for everything. So you thought you were paying for retirement insurance when you contributed to Social Security? HA! joke’s on you! You were paying a tax on your labor that was then used by your trustworthy representatives to fund more programs designed to make you dependent. There is no SS trust fund, it doesn’t exist. Too bad. Maybe you’ll get some of that back, maybe not, HA! Continue reading “The Madness of Globalism”


Mankind is at a crossroads. The choices we make now will effect our descendants for generations to come. If we make the wrong choices we will insure our demise as a species. If we choose what we have chosen in the past only an Atlantian event will wash away the rot.

The choice we face is between centralized, authoritarian feudalism and individual freedom. Recent events have pointed to a mindset of collectivism, centralization of power and using government to force a certain way of looking at the world upon those who want none of it. Elements on both sides of the aisle seem to be defending an outdated system of social organization. It is top down, hero worshiping, or hatred of said hero, but always defending the ridiculous idea that some people ought to be better than others. That these people are uniquely qualified to rule others. That we ought to have rulers. That this is the only way to organize society. Both left and right are defending this nonsense. They are holding on to an ideology that is causing great harm. Mostly, because they are profiting from it. Continue reading “Choices”

The Idea of Freedom is Officially Dead

It’s beginning to look like the borg, hive mind is going to have its way. Everything the new president is doing has come under attack. The people doing this are demanding that Trump be Obama. They see his actions as being in conflict with their interests. They are digging their own graves. What they are demanding is complete government control over everything and everybody. Just what the owners want. Continue reading “The Idea of Freedom is Officially Dead”

Ignorance In The Streets

The political climate in this country is getting stranger by the day. We have students (maybe not students) rioting over the appearance on campus of someone they disagree with. They claim this is about free speech. Whose free speech? I ask. We have corporations like Google et al ganging up on Trump for doing exactly what Obama did. In fact the list of countries considered a threat to national security was compiled by Obama. Most of these people protesting around the country have no idea what they are protesting against and can’t fathom that what they advocate, no countries, no borders, is not in their best interest. They have been spoon fed a lie by the media and they haven’t even bothered to look into it. Continue reading “Ignorance In The Streets”

Women Protesting Against What?

So we have hordes of women marching in Washington protesting….what? I’m really not sure. An agenda? A bigot? A misogynist?¬† Let’s see, protesting Trump’s agenda, do these women even know what that is apart from what they have heard on CNN? And how does anyone’s proposed¬† agenda violate what these people think are their rights? Do they even know the difference between rights and government granted privileges? Do they know, for instance that what they claim is a right to healthcare is actually an obligation placed on someone else? By government, I might add, and that the government considers any social program a government granted privilege? That their right to an abortion is an infringement on the right of the unborn to life?¬† That true rights impose no obligation or duty on another? I doubt it.

A bigot? I haven’t heard anything Trump has said that I would call bigotry.

A misogynist? He married a women for crying out loud. I see no signs of abuse on that woman. No black eyes, no bruises. No evidence that he considers her a lesser being. Blustering New Yorker locker room talk doesn’t count.

So what, exactly, are they protesting against? The only thing I can figure is they are pissed that their candidate lost. What else could it be? There were a whole lot of people pissed that Oblunder won the last two elections but they weren’t out in the streets of D.C. breaking windows at Starbucks and burning limousines. Did crestfallen republican women launch profanity laced tirades against his royal O-ness? Of course not. So what’s up with these women? I detect a whiff of petulance in the air. The stench of sour grapes. A pouting discharge.