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G Edward Griffin wrapping up the event

G. Edward Griffin’s Red Pill Expo kicked off in Bozeman, Montana on June 23rd. It was a 2 day event and approximately 600 people attended. Well, that takes care of the who, what and where of this event, but says nothing about the event. Mc’d by John B. Wells of Caravan to Midnight fame, there were 30 some speakers including Joel Sallatin,  sustainable farmer, Lord Christofer Monckton, the manmade global warming debunker, Jeff Berwick of the Dollar Vigilante, Mike Adams, Jon Rappaport, Robert Kayosaki, the rich dad, poor dad guy, Richard Gage of architects for 911 truth, and Jeanette Finicum, wife of murdered rancher Levoy Finicum, and many more.

I think for most folks, there was not much new information as most were familiar with the speakers. But, that didn’t much matter because just hearing them speak was worth the admission. Monckton delivered his climate change speech, but not before sitting down to the piano to play, well, I don’t remember the name of the piece except that it was written by Hayden/Beethoven. There was a point to him playing it, that we, as listeners probably didn’t know if Hayden or Beethoven actually wrote it, much the same as people don’t really know where the data for climate change and opinions related to it actually come from. I think it was a chance for Monckton to ham it up a bit. Then came the facts and figures and the equations and stuff that, frankly, flew over my little pin head. In the end, he cast some serious doubt on the religion of climate change. Good for him.

Monckton, a tall man, clad in over the top cowboy boots and a black cowboy hat made himself available to all comers during the event, graciously giving his time to explain his equations and whatever else was asked.  He became a sort of mascot, always present and always cheerful. He’s a classy guy. Well, he is a Lord.

Berwick’s anticipated presentation was about how he came to understand how the monetary system actually works and how he decided to start the Dollar Vigilante, a sort of anarchists guide to investing.

John B. Wells introduced each speaker and served as the Home button for the event.

In the hall outside main auditorium

Harriot Hageman, a regulatory attorney, delivered a hackle-raising speech on how government regulation is infringing on property rights. She regaled the audience with one stupid regulation after another. And, how the regulatory agencies work and how they spend the money allocated to them. The most memorable reg for me was “the magician’s bunny evacuation plan,” apparently all magicians are required to have an evacuation plan for their bunnies, if they use them in their act, in the event of an emergency. One magician, when confronted with an agent of silliness, thought the agent was joking until the agent started throwing around threats of fines. Of course, readers of this blog know that these regs apply only in federal territory and to US persons (legal entity). But that didn’t stop the goon from trying to enforce it. Harriot received a standing ovation.

Rappoport appeared via video and several other speakers wound down the first day ending with a sneak peak of the new video Revelation, Dawn of Global Government by G. Edward Griffin. Sorry folks, I missed the preview, had to head on back to the house.

The second day featured Robert Kiyosaki, the guy who wrote Rich Dad, Poor Dad, what the rich teach their kids about money. It was a primer in how money works in the economy, what assets and liabilities are and how to rely on assets for making money.

The much anticipated speech by Richard Gage of Architects and Engineers for 911 truth was no disappointment. If anyone came away from that presentation believing the official story about 911 they were either asleep or unfamiliar with the English language.

The event ended with an emotional speech by Jeanette Finicum, wife of Levoy Finicum, the rancher murdered by the feds and Oregon law enforcement criminals, yeah that’s a little harsh for those of you who don’t know the whole story, but after hearing her account there was little doubt in anyone’s mind that it was murder by government. Folks were so moved by her speech that when the hat was passed to help with her legal and other expenses, over $7000 was raised.

Monckton presenting money raised to Jeanette Finicum

Of course, it was Monckton who presented the money raised to Jeanette Finicum with a joke about the money being safely held in a bank account in Paraguay in his name.

The event was more than just speakers, sponsers and venders. It was a chance to meet people of like mind, observe the one or two “characters” that inevitably show up at these things, and watch internet media in action. Infowars was there, Josh Sigurdson, a young man known for his relentless questioning of political figures and reporter for World Alt Media, the Resistance Chicks, and many others, not to mention the local media that reflected the liberal insanity that Bozeman has succumbed to. It was the internet media that seemed to be doing journalism, presenting the event as observers rather than pundits. The local media had some less than flattering things to say about it and they spent the least time among the media at the event. Shame on you Bozeman!

The event wrapped up with some yummy BBQ and exchange of info among new friends. I’m glad I went.

Speakers Pose for One Last Photo

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