Smoke, Everywhere Smoke

I’ll make this short. I am slowly recovering from a respiratory infection caused, in part, from all the smoke here in the Northwest. Nary a word about what looks like a biblical event on the MSM. Montana is literally burning up. The Rockies are  on fire from the north to the south in Montana. Officially there are 26 fires burning in Montana. Many in the thousands of acres of incinerated forests. The smoke is everywhere. You can’t get away from it.

The news is covering the hurricanes in the South. That’s all fine and dandy, they should be. But, how is it an event as wide spread and devastating as these fires is all but being ignored? I scratch my little pin head.

Where I live we are surrounded by fire. Fires to the North, fires to the South, fires to the East, fires to the West, a whole gob of fires to the West. We wake each day to muted sunlight. In the morning and evenings the light is orange/red. During the day it is a yellowish hue. If you spend more than a few minutes outside headaches and a feeling of malaise are sure to follow. You can feel the ash on your skin. The ash and soot settle on everything in a thin layer that smudges when you run your finger over it. You can see remnants of pine needles on the car paint.

People are coughing and hacking and feeling miserable and there is no end in sight. Rain is scarce as a 15 year old virgin.

If you are somewhere where the smoke isn’t, or somewhere where a hurricane isn’t, then thank your lucky stars. Just keep in mind there are millions of people suffering right now and they deserve your thoughts and prayers. If there is anyone who does a good rain dance out there, please, get to dancin’. You will have our silent blessing.

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