Let’s talk about sovereignty. God created Man and gave him dominion over earth and all its creatures. Now, maybe you don’t believe that, but you must admit Man has certainly taken over much of the earth. That is not to say Nature doesn’t have the last word every now and again. God gave Man a grant of sovereignty over matters Earth. Since there is no such thing as the “collective” without individuals to comprise it, that means God gave each one of us a grant of sovereignty in matters Earth. The only terms for this are do not harm your fellow Man or his property. Otherwise, live your lives.

So, we immediately established rules of conduct, presumably, so that we could live in peace with one another. These are our rules and we are free to add, change or otherwise alter those rules as we see fit so long as they did not interfere with the original terms. But, they are our rules and only apply if we agree to them. Since there are so many of us with different ideas about things, those rules, when it comes right down to it, must be few, if we are to stick to the agreement.

Well, a small group of people reasoned that someone needs to enforce these rules and it may as well be them, because, well, they were good at it. Do what you’re best at, right? That’s just fine and dandy so long as everyone agrees. Most folks agreed because they had other things to do. So we said, sure, see to it that people stick to the agreement. These were “elders”, chiefs etc. But, some of those people believed that a stick was required because these Men and Women were unruly in their eyes, freedom is chaotic. And Lord knows, there must be order, see Dolores Umbridge.

We believed them and gave them an institution to use to enforce the rules. Thus, government came into being. Remember, our sweet, loving, headmaster with all the moving cat pictures, maintained her power only so long as the students and staff at Hogworts permitted it.

Who was it that eventually sent her packing? A small group of students. In our case, us, because we are in charge here on earth. Well, a small group of us that remembered what the original agreement between God and us was. The rest of us, unfortunately were too busy to bother. These folks were busy following the rules established by Ms Umbridge and didn’t think they were oppressive because, well they brought order, or appeared to, and don’t we need order? They forgot that things were never that disorderly before Ms Umbridge. In fact, it was Ms Umbridge that created the illusion of disorder so that she could impose order. Clever, eh?

That is where we are now. Dolores has posted one too many rules on the wall. In fact, when we look back on it it’s always someone posting too many rules on the wall, and who is willing to enforce them with a stick, that reminds us of the original agreement. You see, sovereignty is really just the gift of free will. It is our authority, given by God, to decide for ourselves how we are to live our lives.

We, in this effort to wrest control of the thing we created, are busy reading their rules to justify our actions with regard to “them.” But their rules are the rules of Ms. Umbridge and they are contrary to the original agreement. Those rules bring harm. They can not stand. And it is our right, our obligation to God and to ourselves to remove them from the wall. That is sovereignty.

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