The Great Divide

There is an ideological canyon dividing Mankind and it’s getting wider. On the one side are those folks that need some kind of imposed order. On the other there are those that don’t need or want some one else telling them how to live.

That’s it in the nutshell. The problem for those in the first camp is how do they convince those in the other that their way is best? They don’t even try. They want to force their way onto everyone else because, after all, with out a strong government there would be chaos. The problem facing those in the leave me alone camp is that those in the do it my way or the highway camp can’t have it any other way. They MUST prevail. They are like a skeeter that won’t leave you alone. And you know what happens to a pesky skeeter sooner or later.

I don’t see any way out of this dilemma. It looks like human nature at play to me. Some people simply need leaders. They are incapable of living any other way. Maybe life is too complicated for them and they need some one  else to do the thin’in round here. They can’t comprehend that some others simply don’t need that. Self governance is not possible for these people. They need and want to be governed. They are incompatible with the other side.

This is the reason forced immigration and the notion of diversity is so flawed. Diversity is fine so long as everyone involved is on the same ideological page. But that is seldom the case these days it seems. The difference between immigration in the early days of this country and that of today is that, by and large, those early immigrants wanted to be Americans. I get the impression that is mostly not the case now. They flee from the their countries hoping for a better life here then demand that we conform to the very political nonsense they were fleeing from. This, of course, is not the case with all immigrants, but it is with many of them. Perhaps the ideological leap across the canyon to the ideals of freedom is too far for them. I’m not sure. But, no matter, they are in the same camp as the we want more government crowd. The center can not hold.

The canyon has grown wider recently what with the election and all. The two sides simply can not agree. What most fail to see is that this election had little to do with whatever social, or otherwise, policies one embraces. It is about what a very small group of people has decided is what’s best for humanity and they are going to make it happen. They are not in either camp. They are above it, or so they think. They mean to rule–everyone. But that’s good news for the lead me crowd. They want to be ruled. They need to be ruled and they are willing pawns for the chess masters. That leaves those in the leave me alone crowd in a quandary. How do they get these people off their backs?

This same dilemma is a recurring theme in the history of our species. It is usually resolved through violence. Why must it always be so? I don’t know but the the great divide is getting wider and sooner or later something’s gotta give.  Buckle up. It’s going to be a bumpy ride.


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