The Idea of Freedom is Officially Dead

It’s beginning to look like the borg, hive mind is going to have its way. Everything the new president is doing has come under attack. The people doing this are demanding that Trump be Obama. They see his actions as being in conflict with their interests. They are digging their own graves. What they are demanding is complete government control over everything and everybody. Just what the owners want.

They claim this is not the case. They just want common sense regulations that will curb pollution, provide equal rights to gender confused people and to keep the free stuff wagon rolling. Not to mention being completely unaware of the military tactic of cultural dilution being employed by the owners to destroy America.  All of these things are goals of the owners, the banksters, the globalists. I suspect they actually believe in globalism even though that system will render them obsolete. There is no representation in a globalist system, only full spectrum dominance by government. Why is this so difficult to convey?

Their tactics are straight out of the Saul Alinsky protocols. These protests are organized and targeted. Many are being paid. They are the dupes of a man who openly thinks he is some sort of god, George Soros, to name names.

The idea of freedom is dead. There may be a few folks here and there that pay lip service to this idea, but even they are woefully unaware of what real freedom is. Freedom is not being under the protection of government. Quite the contrary, freedom is being responsible for your own protection. But what about all those evil corporations polluting the environment and stuff? Well, they are the ones writing the regulations. It’s an old trick. Lobby government to regulate so heavily that only the big guys can afford to comply, thereby keeping the upstarts from entering the field. As John D Rockefeller said, competition is a sin. This is what these people are advocating. They are uninformed, misinformed and completely naive as to how the world works. Theirs is a fantasy utopia with giant government overseeing all of humanity for its own good. A dystopic world dictatorship.

That’s what they want. They want to be free of all responsibility so they can continue to bury their noses in their smart phones, free from the distractions of a messy world. Free to indulge in anything they please without consequences. Free to consume stuff brought to them by a faux capitalist system that they then condemn as being exploitative (oooh, that’s a BIG word!) and then demanding an end to free market capitalism as if that has ever existed in this world. Free markets are anathema to government. How can you fleece business if it is free to pursue its own goals without government intervention? The idea that free markets produce less pollution, are less exploitative, less prone to abuse because the consumer can simply stop patronizing that business putting it out of business has never occurred to these mental midgets. Elementary economics eludes them.

Yes, we live in an idiocracy populated by preprogrammed zombies pretending to be human. That’s why the idea of freedom is officially dead.

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