The Illusion

“Resistance is useless.” Vogon gaurd, Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy.

“The king is sovereign”!  old wives tale.

There’s too many men, too many people
Making too many problems
And there’s not much love to go around
Can’t you see this is the land of confusion?   Genesis, Land of Confusion.

“Maybe it’s not about guns.” Black Widow, The Avengers.

Listen. What you think you know about the world is not true. That is causing all sorts of confusion with people. We imagine that electing tweedledee or tweedledum is going to change things. Not true.

We imagine that the world as reflected back to us via the media, government “sources” and popular movements is true. It is not.

We actually believe that one man has the authority to rule over another man because a majority voted for him or her. Patently false.

How many times have you heard, “We must have government because without it there would be chaos”?  Fundamentally not true.

All of the above and many more “truisms” are lies. They are lies fed to us by those who would be kings. These are people who actually believe that Mankind must be controlled for its’ own good and they are just the guys for the job. They are control freaks. They laugh at God’s law and make up their own and expect us to blindly obey. And we do, unquestionably. Why? Maybe it’s because we are confused.

Life doesn’t come with an owner’s manual. We weren’t issued instructions when we came into this world. There’s no warranty and no guarantee life will go smoothly. I think this frightens the control freaks and the rest of us, too. So what have they done? What have we done? They, We, created our own world. A world of illusions and fictions and paper. By what right does “government” demand that we have a license to engage in any activity that does not harm others? NONE. By what right does the same have to steel our labor in the form of taxes with the excuse that it is for the public good? What is the public good? Who decides? Certainly not us.

They have created a world of illusions. Governments are illusions, they exist on paper only. Corporations are illusions, they are paper. They have created “persons,” an illusion,  by way of the birth certificate and SS number because these illusions they have created can not interact with Man their Creator. They have convinced you that you are the paper. Or at least, you are responsible for what the paper does. Why? because Man is the superior party. Man is not paper and can only deal with other men. Paper can only interact with paper. Even though it is man doing the   shuffling, the paper must only regard other paper. We confuse the paper with what is real, us. Men and women. It’s an illusion, the grand illusion.

When the Vogon guard proclaims “resistance is useless!” he’s saying the paperwork is all in place, you can not resist the bureaucracy! And he’s right! When you enter into the world of paper by claiming that you are a fiction, a piece of paper you agree to the rules thereof.  You agree the world of paper is real!

Now, listen: the king is not sovereign, government is not sovereign. Only the Creator is sovereign and the Creator gave MAN dominion over the  earth. Man has sovereignty on earth given to him by his creator to enable Man to create his own world(s). And that he has. Man, with a little help, has created a world in which the Creator has no place. It’s an end run around God.

Here’s the problem, the snag. When people begin to see the illusion for what it is the men shuffling the paper begin to understand how fragile and unreal the world of paper really is and they resort to violence. Always violence. This, they hope, will put Man back in his place. Beneath them! But it’s wearing thin.  I agree that sometimes violence is needed to stop violence but violence can not be sustained for long. Maybe it’s not about guns after all.

Maybe it’s about Agape. Love of your fellow Man because others are part of us, fellow beings created by God. Remember, Man (Homo Sapian Sapian) is the name of our species. It doesn’t mean male. If you have a problem with the existence of God, or a creator, that’s fine but your world view will always center around the works of man and will always lead to the same end, violence. Man, without the recognition of a creator, sometimes with, will always exalt himself above other men which leads to violence. Man may do violence in the name of God, but that is just men claiming dominion over other men because they believe in the superiority of a particular religion. As self destructive as it is he can not stop himself because he can not, will not, place himself beneath, under, the dominion of the Creator. He wants to BE God, nothing else will do.

Maybe Agape is the answer because, at root, it is the love of the Creator for his creation and to destroy  it through violence, whether actual or on paper is to destroy ourselves. And it might just piss Him off! Perhaps for some of you this sounds too religiony. But remember, religion is a creation of man. It is Man’s interpretation of what God is. I’m just relaying what I see. What rings true for me.

So, how do we release ourselves from the grip of the control freaks? What do we do when they get violent as they are now? Try to stay out of the their world. The only time paper is needed is to proclaim your status as man to the world. Can we remove ourselves from the paper world all together? Probably not, at least for now. If you throw their paper back at them, driver licenses, business licenses etc., they will come and put you in a cage. This does no one any good. You provoke them to violence that way. No, We must simply change our minds about who we are and what their paper world is. We are real, it is fake. When we finally convince ourselves that we don’t need the paper world it will whither away. It won’t happen overnight and there is no silver bullet. And in the mean time we may just have to defend ourselves from these people, yes, with violence. But every journey begins with the first step and it’s high time we take it because this time may be our last chance learn our lesson. Love your neighbor as yourself.

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