The NWO is Uncloaking Itself

I am incredulous. What’s unfolding in the news right now is taxing my inherent ability to not be surprised by anything. I’m no Spring chicken. But I tell ya, this stuff is undermining my sardonic underbelly. Take a look at this: These people make no bones about it, they oppose the peaceful transition of power. They oppose it because they lost. Would they be doing this if Hitlery had won? I doubt it. They are afraid their progressive program is going to be derailed.

From what I can tell, these folks are communists. Take a look at this comic from 1947: Does any of this look familiar? What we are looking at is a communist take over attempt. But we don’t see it for what it is. Well, we say, that can’t happen here. OK, take another look at the links. Still have your doubts?

How can anyone with half a brain watch the narrative on the MSM and believe there isn’t a concerted effort by these people to change the social landscape? I mean, I don’t give a rat’s ass what people think they are. LGBT, xi, xe, purple dinosaur, what ever. I do know there are, with, perhaps a few exceptions, two sexes. Concave and convex. If concave, please use the women”s bathroom, convex, men’s. Pretty simple actually. Whatever else you may believe about yourself the above guidelines pertain. Let’s not be distracted by opinion.

Then there is the racist narrative. Racist this racist that. I don’t know about you but I welcome racial differences. I applaud cultural differences and I have no problem with the old adage “members of an avian species with identical plumage congregate collectively.” That’s how we are. That’s true diversity. Not this forced intermingling of cultures so that the end result is no culture, just brownness. But that is the program of these people. They somehow believe this is the way things ought to be. And, by God, we WILL have our way. That says something right there. Their program is the way nature intended it and if nature doesn’t cooperate they will have to force it. How natural.

Love him or hate him, or neither, Trump has thrown a monkey wrench into their plans, or so they think. I wonder. But they are convinced he will reverse all that they have “achieved.” They see him as a threat to their plans for world domination. For world wide nannyism. We know what’s best for you, so sit down and shut up. They are certifiable, I’m afraid. The inmates are running the asylum.

What’s most disturbing is that Americans have no clue what’s taking place right in front of their eyes. I guess most folks are confused. The boob tube isn’t helping matters any. The interwebtubes is such a hodgepodge of conflicting stories it takes studied discernment to make any sense of it. How are we to tell fake news from real news, whatever that means?

It’s quite obvious there is a power struggle going on within the UNTIED STATES INC.  Why else would the CIA be making up stories about Russian interference in the election with no actual proof if not to derail Trump? Why the pure vitriol concerning him in the MSM? Why would that air head (but wonderful actress) Meryl Streep weep and gnash her teeth about an event that never really happened? See: . Does she really believe he was making fun of a disabled journalist? I don’t think he is that  stupid.

Why is George Soros so intent on derailing Trump before he even gets started? Why is the establishment so intent on starting World War III if not to hobble the incoming president with international conflict? What’s the point if not to disrupt what they see as a threat? I have long believed that world war is a tool to usher in the New World Order of the elites. They appear to be desperate to get this thing going before the useless eaters figure out that it may not be in their best interest. But even that is questionable. Most people don’t even know what’s going on and will deny it even if presented with the facts. Lovely.

We are living in unprecedented times and I suspect most people believe something is going on but just can’t put their finger on it. It’s all so confusing for the dumbed down minds of the masses to comprehend. My people suffer from lack of knowledge, twas said.  Our collective denial and refusal to see what’s what will certainly bring suffering. Maybe we deserve it, I don’t know. We can’t see that a small group of people is orchestrating events in order to gain control of humanity for their own aggrandizement. Has it ever been otherwise? When will we pull back the curtain? When will we accept responsibility for our own lives instead of relying on gooberment to take care of our every need? When will we drop the false belief that other men have the right to rule us? When will we wake up to the fact that this system has us wrapped up in its tentacles and has no intention of leaving us alone? When will we grow up? When will we see? I don’t know, but I think we are about to find out.

Yes, I am incredulous. The best I can do at this point is to sit back and watch the show. Mankind is being pushed in a direction, that if not stopped, will lead us into perdition. We will be little more than cattle. Energy pods for the matrix. Slaves on the world plantation. Men and women no more. Does that sound like an enviable state of affairs to you?

The sad part of all this is the uninformed minions of this mess, the local, state and federal gov workers who keep this train rolling have been lied to for so long that they have no idea all of their rules, regulations, policies, fees, fines and taxes are merely tools of enslavement. They have been told we need this stuff. And their livelihoods depend upon on your coughing up the loot for violating what can only be called corporate policy. No more binding on us than the internal policies of Burger King. They will defend this nonsense with the power of “government.” They will put you in a cage or shoot you, if you are too combative, for upsetting the golden apple cart.

How does one battle ignorance? Presumably with knowledge. But what if no one wants to know? What if the indoctrination is so complete that truth becomes an abstraction? What if no one gave a damn? What if, as George Orwell said, people are comfortable in their enslavement?

We have denied the supremacy of God’s law. Do no harm. That’s really all we need. Man’s law is merely an attempt by men to supersede that law. To render it moot. To take control of creation. Why? Beats the shit out of me. Why would anyone want to alter creation? Well, that’s another story for another article. I really don’t believe the Creator wants us to sit back and take this. I suspect He expects us to participate. After all, we’re not rocks on the hillside waiting for the spring thaw to send us tumbling down the hill. Or are we?

We are witnessing the NWO lifting its own veil. It is uncloaking itself and we had better take a look. If not, well…..


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