The Scam of the Day

With all the madness passing as social discourse going on these days it’s hard to keep your eye on the ball. What is the ball exactly? It is the unveiling of the financial system that has hypothecated our labor and property to back a privately owned “currency.”

Many have succumbed to the scam of paying bills using their “secret accounts” based on their social security number and “legal name.” Whether or not that particular “secret account” exists is up for grabs. But make no mistake, there is an account, a cestui que vie trust with what looks like your name on it. Can you access it? Some say yes. Bu here is the problem: that account was set up based on your birth certificate for the sole purpose of robbing you of your labor, your property and eventually your soul. It’s there and, some people say it can be accessed.

But the question is, should you? If your neighbor set up an account using your name as an account number and was using that account to launder money, would you lay claim to that account simply because it has what looks like your name attached to it? If you did you’d be an accomplice to money laundering. So why is everyone in such a hurry to be part of the scam? The entire financial system in place is nothing more than an extortion racket. It is a wealth transfer scheme to transfer the real wealth of the planet into the hands of the few elite.

The symptoms of this racket manifest in the current push to outlaw cash, to digitize all property, and control all transactions. Couple that with the ole’ divide and conquer routine currently playing out among what seems to be the left, and you have a situation where everyone is completely confused about what is real and what is not and the outcome is predictable. People, demoralized and uncertain of what is truth and what is a lie, will demand a strongman, centralized control, even world government to straighten this mess out. And that, is exactly what these elite want, complete control, of everything and everyone. This is what you are getting yourself into when you fall for these schemes.

This is what is happening on the streets. Even though it is quite clear that many of these “protesters” are actually paid to show up at these events, like Charlottesville, and do not even know what it is they are protesting, there is a group of, mostly younger, people that actually believe the intellectual goo being taught at universities and high schools around the country. Stuff like “gender is a choice,” or “it’s all the white man’s fault,” “the Christians made me do it, if they’d stop being so empirical this would be a better world.” This stuff is simply intellectual propaganda designed to infect the thinking of young people with the virus of sloppy thinking.

It’s no wonder people are falling for this Treasury Direct Account scam. They can’t think straight. They have been deceived and don’t even know they have been deceived. The elite have succeeded in dumbing down the populace to the level of garden slugs. And I do despise garden slugs, they ate my green beans before they had a chance to grow. We have become a nation of garden slugs, eating every social construct in sight until nothing is left. That is exactly what these would be controllers want. And people are falling for it. The Evil of it all is palpable.

The good thing coming from this is that some people are beginning to see the treachery of the financial system. They are finding out reality isn’t what they’ve been told. They are beginning to “get” it. And “it” is the fact that we have all been hoodwinked, lied to, deceived.

The same old players are at it again. These are the guys who elevated themselves above all Men and declared themselves “Kings and Queens.” These are the pawns of Satan who say things like, “Give me control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes the laws.” These are the guys who proudly proclaim, ” I can lead you away from the chaos, I can solve the world’s problems, just give me control and there will be ORDER!

But Man’s ORDER is an illusion. It is always self serving and tyrannical. It can never improve on natural order, God’s order. It is an attempt to be God. It will always fail. It will always end in death of innocents, it will always self destruct. It cannot last.

If you’re thinking these TDA accounts are going to save you, remember you are throwing in your lot with the devil. And the devil always demands his due. Don’t do it!

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  1. I made a couple of comments about the Civil War on a Facebook thread and got told I’m an F’ing White Supremacist, White Priviledge, anti-feminist evil person.

    1. It was probably computer program automated response (or a human being who programmed by a computer program). They are going to use AI programs to drive narrative. Dump facecrook

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