Winter to Spring, Or Not

Spring is on its way in the Rockies. For the next few weeks it will snow, then warm, then snow, then blow, a lot of blowing. It’s a time of weather turmoil as Winter gives way to Spring. When it comes to weather, we know it will eventually change. I not so sure about the affairs of Men. We do the same dance over and over again. We have times of peace and then some crazy guy decides he wants to rule the world and the next thing you know, it’s chaos time again. Why is it we are always caught off guard when events turn ugly? I repeat, it’s the same ole same ole over and over again.

We are in such times now. Governments across the planet have apparently decided it’s time to crack down on we peons. Some of us just don’t like the direction they are taking us and so now we are the enemy. They have whipped the more gullible of us into to a froth. Whether they know it or not the rampaging left is dragging everyone into subjugation in the name of transgender bathrooms and cheap vagina costumes. Is this what we’ve come to?

How is it that, given the violence and chaos in Europe due to forced integration of cultures that have no business associating with each other, some are calling for an increase in that integration? Are they mad, or just stupid? Don’t they see the turmoil this has wrought? Now, I am aware that turmoil is the means to an end. The end being world government. Create enough turmoil and people will demand a strong central world government to bring back order. But, that will only bring more suffering and servitude. More turmoil and discontent. We never learn.

We never learn, we never learn. I have grown so tired of the spectacle that I think I will retreat into the garden and make my sef a use. At least to anyone within chewing distance of my lettuce. There, at least, the carrots and cabbage aren’t at each other’s stems because the cabbage has some special advantage because it grows above ground rather than below. The broccoli isn’t screaming at the beats to check their red privilege. And the self pollinators aren’t demanding the bees give them equal time.

What a mess we’ve made for ourselves because we refuse to see things for what they are. We refuse to budge on our idea of what the world should be like and have no tolerance for different ideas. We just can’t accept that it’s ok to disagree and, yes, even segregate ourselves from each other based on the incongruity of those ideas, for our own good. Why is that idea so offensive? Elk don’t hang with badgers and who says they should?

Yeah, I’m over it. There may be a Spring at the end of this tumultuous Winter but I’m tired of waiting. Sauerkraut recipe, anyone?

For every five pounds of shredded cabbage, add three tablespoons of good, non iodized salt. Mix well. When you’re done with that, let the cabbage sit for awhile and then gently press on the cabbage until enough liquid has been released to cover. Cover the cabbage with plastic and place a plate on the plastic and weight it with a rock to insure the cabbage is covered in liquid. Let sit in a cool room for three to four weeks, skimming any goo or scum that forms. Time to make brats.

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