Women Protesting Against What?

So we have hordes of women marching in Washington protesting….what? I’m really not sure. An agenda? A bigot? A misogynist?  Let’s see, protesting Trump’s agenda, do these women even know what that is apart from what they have heard on CNN? And how does anyone’s proposed  agenda violate what these people think are their rights? Do they even know the difference between rights and government granted privileges? Do they know, for instance that what they claim is a right to healthcare is actually an obligation placed on someone else? By government, I might add, and that the government considers any social program a government granted privilege? That their right to an abortion is an infringement on the right of the unborn to life?  That true rights impose no obligation or duty on another? I doubt it.

A bigot? I haven’t heard anything Trump has said that I would call bigotry.

A misogynist? He married a women for crying out loud. I see no signs of abuse on that woman. No black eyes, no bruises. No evidence that he considers her a lesser being. Blustering New Yorker locker room talk doesn’t count.

So what, exactly, are they protesting against? The only thing I can figure is they are pissed that their candidate lost. What else could it be? There were a whole lot of people pissed that Oblunder won the last two elections but they weren’t out in the streets of D.C. breaking windows at Starbucks and burning limousines. Did crestfallen republican women launch profanity laced tirades against his royal O-ness? Of course not. So what’s up with these women? I detect a whiff of petulance in the air. The stench of sour grapes. A pouting discharge.

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